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Added Mar 5, 2017 by Evolutions in Technological World

Geo Locate a Specific IP

Solids of Revolutions - Volume

Added Apr 20, 2016 by dannymntya in Mathematics

Calculate volumes of revolved solid between the curves, the limits, and the axis of rotation

Solid of Revolution - Shell Method

Added Sep 11, 2014 by tphilli5 in Mathematics

This widget determines volume of a solid by revolutions around certain lines, using the shell method. You must enter the bounds of the integral, and the height, radius.

Volumes of revolution

Added Jan 25, 2012 by RobSimmo in Mathematics

Finds volumes of revolutions when a function is rotated by 2 pi about the x or y axis.

Historical Ages

Added Feb 6, 2011 by JonPerry in People & History

Find out all about the various ancient evolutions of culture.

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