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Food & Nutrition

BMR Calculator

Added Jul 8, 2016 by slimmarc in Food & Nutrition



Added Jun 26, 2016 by bssimic in Food & Nutrition

orgaic food and health

Roteiro Gastronomico

Added Jun 12, 2016 by pdve in Food & Nutrition

roteiro gastronomico dedicados a gastronomia portuguesa

Kcal Count

Added May 29, 2016 by MatthewB in Food & Nutrition

Simple calculator for the number of kcal's for a weight, volume, or quantity of foodstuff.

Recipe unit conversion

Added May 14, 2016 in Food & Nutrition

Convert recipe units

Carbohydrates Calculator

Added May 11, 2016 by marcdukes in Food & Nutrition

Simple widget to display number of carbohydrate grams in specified substance.

The Essential Kitchen Unit Converter

Added May 3, 2016 by Emmass in Food & Nutrition

Recipe Unit Conversion

Daily Calorie Needs 每日能量需求

Added Apr 20, 2016 by hughven in Food & Nutrition

Daily Nutrient Intake 每日营养摄入量

Nutrition Facts 营养成分表

Added Apr 20, 2016 by hughven in Food & Nutrition

Nutrition Facts 营养成分表

Calcule seu IMC

Added Apr 20, 2016 by dessa in Food & Nutrition

Calcule seu IMC

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