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Food & Nutrition

Nutrition & Carb Calculator

Added Mar 24, 2017 by mountwe in Food & Nutrition

Gene's version of nutrition calculator

Nutrition Finder

Added May 20, 2017 by teamgenius in Food & Nutrition

Find the nutrition in food!

Food Production per Capita

Added May 1, 2017 in Food & Nutrition

Show output for the food production per capita for any food and country.

Kitchen Calculator

Added Mar 21, 2017 by babraham76 in Food & Nutrition

Kitchen Calculator at runawayrice.com

Nutrifit Cafe KCal Calculator

Added Mar 17, 2017 by Nutrifit Cafe in Food & Nutrition

Use the Nutrifit Cafe Kcal calculator to calculate nutrient values of your food, useful for those who wish to know exactly what they're consuming.


Added Nov 28, 2016 by ira0798 in Food & Nutrition


Food Compare

Added Nov 28, 2016 by Ritabrata in Food & Nutrition

This widget compares the nutritional values of different foods based on user inputs.

Nutrition Labels

Added Nov 16, 2016 by wkan in Food & Nutrition

Nutrition Labels

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