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Food & Nutrition

Daily Calorie Calculator

Added Jul 30, 2015 by LeanerFitterMoms in Food & Nutrition

This calculator tells you your basal metabolic rate and calorie intake estimates based on activity level

Highest Vitamin Content Foods

Added Jul 15, 2015 by lawolfe in Food & Nutrition

Highest Vitamin Content Foods

Check that before you eat that

Added Jul 14, 2015 by tman2311 in Food & Nutrition

Youre not fat <3

Daily Calorie Calculator

Added Jul 13, 2015 by lawolfe in Food & Nutrition

Daily caloric needs calculator.

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Added Jun 24, 2015 by diazze in Food & Nutrition

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Kitchen measurements widget

Added Jun 11, 2015 by Innokreat in Food & Nutrition

Converting kitchen measurements to metric units.

Nutrition widget

Added Jun 11, 2015 by J Luis in Food & Nutrition



Added May 27, 2015 by D4N13L in Food & Nutrition

TestWidget V0.1

Food spending Widget

Added May 21, 2015 by Isacleanse in Food & Nutrition

Breakfast and lunch spending calculator

How many calories?

Added May 18, 2015 by Uness in Food & Nutrition

count and manage your calories with our special calorie calculator for a successful weight loss.

Nutrition widget

Added May 17, 2015 by PhilPhelan in Food & Nutrition

Nutrition calculator

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