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Added Dec 17, 2014 by sufyan in Education



Added Dec 17, 2014 by sufyan in Education

Ahomeworker dictionay

Exam Grade Calculator

Added Dec 14, 2014 by doubledude in Education

Calculates a minimum exam grade given the preferred result grade and first two quarter grades. Assumes a (2 * Q1 + 2 * Q2 + E) / 5 scoring.

Calculation of Final Semester Grade

Added Dec 12, 2014 in Education

Enter your semester average and projected semester exam grade to determine the grade you need to achieve your goal this semester.


Added Dec 8, 2014 by chadr222 in Education

Definition finder

Math 14: Final Grade Calculator

Added Dec 3, 2014 by Oxnard_Math in Education

You may use this to estimate the score you need on final for a desirable grade.

Compare Schools

Added Dec 2, 2014 by TDawg61 in Education

compare two schools

CO2 footprint calculator

Added Nov 27, 2014 by ekblythe in Education

Calculate your carbon footprint

Sample Test

Added Nov 23, 2014 by Dinesh Kudache in Education

Educational widget

Undergraduate Enrollment

Added Nov 20, 2014 by qnix in Education

Returns the undergraduate enrollment for the school entered.

Comparing Fractions

Added Nov 17, 2014 by Rufus in Education

Compare two numbers. Which is bigger?

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