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The area under the graph of 1/x

Added Jul 16, 2016 by depymak in Education

Introducing natural logarithm as an area under the curve y=1/x

Distance Calculator

Added Jul 14, 2016 by Skip Kitchen in Education

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Esempio di tabella di verità

Added Jul 11, 2016 by Mario Luca Bernardi in Education

simple example of truth table

Indefinite integrals

Added Jul 11, 2016 in Education

найти неопределенный интеграл онлайн с подробным решением


Added Jul 10, 2016 by jjDaEpicGuy in Education

Distance calculator.

What if you didn't hang or fold your clothes?

Added Jun 30, 2016 by BombShelly in Education

This handy app may change the way you think about the most precious thing we have. "TIME". Life just got a little simpler!

JEE Score Predictor

Added Jun 25, 2016 by Samit in Education

Predicts expected score in IIT JEE


Added Jun 24, 2016 by Vasu in Education


Calcul de derivee

Added Jun 11, 2016 by Ameur in Education


* * * * Operaciones con Numeros COMPLEJOS *

Added Jun 4, 2016 by Point in Education

Con este widget puedes calcular sumas. restas, multiplicaciones y divisiones de dos numeros complejos

Domain and Range calculator

Added May 14, 2016 by Gourish in Education

very good

MAC 2313.C005 Summer 2016 Grade Calculator

Added May 13, 2016 by Bhatt in Education

Enter the grades you already have from your Webcourses Grades and guess the ones you don't have to calculate your final percentage. The grade shown here is only an estimate and not an official grade.

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