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Oxidation Number Calculator

Added Jun 30, 2015 by wgsb_anderson in Chemistry

Type in a chemical formula and find out the oxidation states of the elements.


Added Jun 14, 2015 by edutecnica in Chemistry

reazioni chimiche

Lewis structure

Added May 22, 2015 by Askins in Chemistry

Lewis Diagrams

oxidation states

Added May 12, 2015 by ElLukas in Chemistry



Added May 6, 2015 by Syda in Chemistry



Added Apr 28, 2015 by BlackButler in Chemistry

Use this to find the oxidation of an element

Element Search

Added Apr 23, 2015 by BlackButler in Chemistry

Use this to help you in Chemistry

Melting Point of An Element

Added Apr 19, 2015 by oronolax36 in Chemistry

This widget is a quick way to get the melting point of any element in all degree formats.

pH Kalkulasi | mahboeb.net

Added Mar 27, 2015 by mahboeb in Chemistry

pH meters

reaksi kimia | mahboeb.net

Added Mar 25, 2015 by mahboeb in Chemistry

Reaksi kimia

Freezing Water

Added Mar 24, 2015 in Chemistry

How much energy would it take to freeze x grams of water with starting temperature y degrees Celsius

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