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Added Jul 5, 2016 by Mitchyn67 in Chemistry

this will help you with things that you may need to know

Chemical Equation Balancer

Added Jun 29, 2016 by ForeverEvaful in Chemistry

Chemistry Balance Chemical Equations

Lewis Structure

Added Jun 26, 2016 by melapardo in Chemistry


for U

Added Jun 8, 2016 in Chemistry

for your love

Lewis structure

Added Jun 3, 2016 by mtscott in Chemistry

Shows all the isomers for every compound in Lewis dot structure.

pH Hesaplama

Added May 26, 2016 by mehmetmalli in Chemistry

pH calculator for molar mass solutions, pH vs concentration

Constantes Quimicas

Added May 24, 2016 by fabijiso in Chemistry

Valores básicos para un cuadro de constantes químicas.

Acid Concentration, M to Volume %

Added May 17, 2016 by Stroop in Chemistry

Converts molar concentration (M), to percent by volume.

Chemical Element Finder

Added Apr 29, 2016 by AXIIIM in Chemistry

This widget provides information about chemical elements.

Diluting Solutions

Added Apr 24, 2016 by irwansree.tradeasia@gmail.com in Chemistry

widget for diluting solution


Added Apr 20, 2016 by Isildur in Chemistry

Info about element

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