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Formula chimica dall'Osmosi delle Idee

Added Oct 20, 2014 by Passegua in Chemistry

Trova la formula chimica delle sostanze

Atomic mass

Added Oct 17, 2014 by IvanVasilevich in Chemistry

Atomic mass

Alvaro Folhas Organikum

Added Oct 15, 2014 by AFolhas in Chemistry

This widget show several data about your choosen substance, like Lewis Structure, 3D representation, chemistry and physics parameters, etc. It's written in portuguese. Nothing new, just my first try.

Derivative Solver

Added Oct 13, 2014 by dajuker in Chemistry

this can solve any lewis structure question

pH of ingredient

Added Oct 3, 2014 by jenspinky in Chemistry

pH of ingredient

Chemical Equation Balancer

Added Oct 2, 2014 by AdamSTEM in Chemistry

Chemical equation balancer with a single input field.

Molar Mass

Added Sep 16, 2014 by rocketinventor in Chemistry

Gives you the name and molar of a substance.


Added Sep 14, 2014 by jasonbrooks in Chemistry


laserpointer 3000mw

Added Sep 3, 2014 by starklasers in Chemistry

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Levis structure Finder

Added Aug 28, 2014 in Chemistry

Finds levis dot structures of chemicals

Search WolframAlpha

Added Aug 24, 2014 by tinilam in Chemistry

Search WolframAlpha

Lewis Structure

Added Aug 23, 2014 by Cabs in Chemistry

It is a Very good Widget

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