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Because they them selves might

Added Sep 8, 2015 by Buckinghamshire New University in Chemistry

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Added Sep 4, 2015 by yanivhay in Chemistry

calculates the amount in ml of drops

dimensional analysis

Added Aug 21, 2015 by bradwebby in Chemistry

Assists in the process of changing between units. Based on someone else's design, the only difference is that this one outputs results in the same window.

Chemical formula

Added Aug 6, 2015 by EvanJP in Chemistry

Find a chemical from its formula.

Diluting Solutions

Added Aug 5, 2015 by PaigeBrown1 in Chemistry

Outputs the resultant volume of a more dilute solution obtained from a more concentrated one. Concentration is given in normality, but one can easily substitute molarity without changing the output.

Oxidation Number Calculator

Added Jun 30, 2015 by wgsb_anderson in Chemistry

Type in a chemical formula and find out the oxidation states of the elements.


Added Jun 14, 2015 by edutecnica in Chemistry

reazioni chimiche

Lewis structure

Added May 22, 2015 by Askins in Chemistry

Lewis Diagrams

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