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Molar Mass

Added Jun 7, 2017 by AshBeeston in Chemistry

Enter the chemical formula of a compound or molecule to find its molar mass in g/mol


Added Apr 28, 2017 by pokketto in Chemistry

Elements infos


Added Mar 31, 2017 by owpua in Chemistry

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Crude Oil

Added Mar 21, 2017 by EliasGaouro in Chemistry


SAIL Etch calculator

Added Mar 6, 2017 by MDiez in Chemistry

Etch sharpness, aspect ratio

Lewis structure

Added Mar 1, 2017 by MathematicaAlpha in Chemistry

an Atom to oxygen

Molar Mass Calculator

Added Feb 28, 2017 by judaandjuda in Chemistry

Calculate molecular mass

Chemestry Structure

Added Feb 27, 2017 by jayrabb1987 in Chemistry


Chemical equation balancer

Added Feb 20, 2017 by bramtv in Chemistry

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Added Feb 13, 2017 by shanying in Chemistry

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Added Feb 13, 2017 by Nuria in Chemistry

Elementuak kokatu eta ezaugarriak ezagutu

Valence Shell Calculator

Added Feb 11, 2017 by YKCoast in Chemistry

Type in the Element Name OR Symbol (Calcium) OR (Ca), it will come out the same. Also if you don't get the answer right off the bat press SUBMIT again and it should come up. ENJOY :)

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