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Added Aug 3, 2013 in Chemistry


Reaction Balancer

Added Apr 9, 2014 by brilliantlyinsane138 in Chemistry

Balance equations. Plain and simple.

Fuel Gas Density Calculator

Added Apr 9, 2014 in Chemistry

Enter the Ambient Pressure and Temperature of the Gas and the Mol Weight of the fuel, and the density of the Gas will be computed for you.


Added Apr 4, 2014 by Shobho in Chemistry

Chemical reaction calculator

pH of acid by pKa

Added Mar 27, 2014 by kalexchu in Chemistry

This widget finds the pH of an acid from its pKa value and concentration. Alternatively, it can be used to find the pOH value of a base by inputting its pKb value in the "pKa=" input field.


Added Mar 24, 2014 in Chemistry

calculate formula from name and vice versa


Added Mar 23, 2014 by swegweiser in Chemistry

Oxidation #Calc

Lewis structure

Added Mar 23, 2014 by swegweiser in Chemistry

Lewis Structure

Balancing Chemical Equations

Added Mar 18, 2014 in Chemistry

Balance Chem Equ

Formula Calculater

Added Mar 18, 2014 by Little Blue in Chemistry

Formula calculater

Reacties kloppend maken

Added Mar 15, 2014 by BRCexact in Chemistry

Reactievergelijkingen opstellen en kloppend laten maken

Find The Formula

Added Feb 27, 2014 by Jaideep in Chemistry

It finds the formula of a compound through its name and finds its name through its formulae

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