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ABV to Proof

Added Jun 24, 2014 by quirk in Chemistry

Calculate proof from ABV

Temperature converter

Added Jun 24, 2014 by quirk in Chemistry

Convert ºF to ºC and vice versa


Added Jun 17, 2014 by Meghansh rock in Chemistry

It help you to calculate the reaction

Common Name of Chemicals

Added Jun 12, 2014 by NehaTradeasia in Chemistry

This widget helps us find the common names of all chemicals used in various industries.

CAS No.of Chemicals

Added Jun 10, 2014 in Chemistry

This widgets help us to find the CAS No.of chemiclas.

Lewis Structure Finder

Added Jun 9, 2014 by WebTester in Chemistry

This widget gets the Lewis structure of chemical compounds.


Added Jun 8, 2014 by shripad in Chemistry

very nice widget for chemistry

Calculate Miller Indices for Planes

Added Jun 8, 2014 by Teesta in Chemistry

gives you the intercept diagram based on entered miller indices

Cubic Yard Calculator

Added Jun 3, 2014 by sandeepkbs in Chemistry

Cubic Yard Calculator

C?lculo del n?mero de ?tomos

Added May 28, 2014 by xoconostle in Chemistry

Para que no sufran los niños de la prepa.


Added May 4, 2014 by krishnanegi in Chemistry


Science Dictionary

Added May 3, 2014 by melinda nugraha in Chemistry

Dictionary that will not only define science terms but also give examples.

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