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Added Aug 25, 2015 by armardi in Music

By armardi Band Music Merchandising

Your Featured Random Band of the Day is..

Added Aug 5, 2015 by jordanh1 in Music

This widget will give you a random artist to listen to that day. Or, continue to give you a random artist until you find one you may like!

Album Release Date

Added Aug 4, 2015 in Music

Find out what albums were released on any date!

Play Sound Waves

Added May 30, 2015 in Music

Playing sound waves

Mathematica and W | Alpha Solve Interacti

Added Apr 25, 2015 by MikeMcCormick7 in Music


Information about an artist

Added Apr 4, 2015 by FabioOri in Music

The widget prints some information about the musical artist you put in.

Artist Info

Added Feb 4, 2015 by nahu in Music


Rhyming Dictionary

Added Nov 23, 2014 by Virtually Vinyl in Music

rhyming dictionary

Artist Info

Added Nov 13, 2014 by Phantom17 in Music

Artist info

Artist Info

Added Nov 8, 2014 by phanom17 in Music

Info on music artists

Bar Frequency

Added Sep 20, 2014 by crashandburn45 in Music

Simple widget to find the bar frequency by using the material speed of sound in m/s, thickness of the bar in in, and the length of the bar in in.


Added Jun 6, 2014 by jadac in Music


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