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Artist Info

Added Feb 4, 2015 by nahu in Music


Rhyming Dictionary

Added Nov 23, 2014 by Virtually Vinyl in Music

rhyming dictionary

Artist Info

Added Nov 13, 2014 by Phantom17 in Music

Artist info

Artist Info

Added Nov 8, 2014 by phanom17 in Music

Info on music artists

Bar Frequency

Added Sep 20, 2014 by crashandburn45 in Music

Simple widget to find the bar frequency by using the material speed of sound in m/s, thickness of the bar in in, and the length of the bar in in.


Added Jun 6, 2014 by jadac in Music



Added May 11, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Music



Added Mar 1, 2014 in Music

Type in an expression for a waveform and its duration and it will be able to be played.

Music Keys

Added Jan 25, 2014 in Music

Musical Keys

Music Keys

Added Jan 6, 2014 by DavJac in Music

Music key information

Music Scale

Added Jan 6, 2014 by DavJac in Music

Musical scale information

Music Frequencies

Added Jan 6, 2014 by DavJac in Music

Sound frequency information

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