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People & History

People in history

Added Jul 16, 2015 by GeekinaGi in People & History

Look up People from History

How Many Are We?

Added May 27, 2015 in People & History

Have you ever wondered if America was a "huge" country? Find out here. Enter a country name and press Enter.

Solve for X Calculator

Added Apr 25, 2015 by MikeMcCormick7 in People & History


People in history

Added Mar 27, 2015 by WebTester in People & History

Gets information about people.


Added Mar 15, 2015 in People & History

You can know the population of countries!

Demographics Search

Added Mar 2, 2015 by reidn_421 in People & History

Find any demographic of any country.


Added Feb 26, 2015 by AElectronics in People & History

Put in your birthday!

What Number Human Are You?

Added Feb 24, 2015 by darrenk in People & History

This tells you the population of the world at the time you were born.

Trivia About Sherlock Holmes' Birthday

Added Feb 11, 2015 by SherlockHolmesFan in People & History

This widget tells you interesting facts about any date you type in

Time Since Sherlock Holmes Made His FIRST App

Added Jan 23, 2015 by SherlockHolmesFan in People & History

This widget tells you the time since Sherlock Holmes made his FIRST ever appearance in print!

Find out about my name

Added Nov 25, 2014 by timtjtim in People & History

Get info about your name


Added Oct 12, 2014 by historygarcia in People & History

Counting Collective Action

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