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Dates & Times


Added Jul 15, 2016 by hansstreb in Dates & Times


Next Alternian Birthday

Added Jun 26, 2016 by WAlpha613 in Dates & Times

Calculate the day you become a certain age in Alternian sweeps.

Date Today

Added Jun 9, 2016 by ConradIAM in Dates & Times

Personal Calendar

Time dates

Added Jun 3, 2016 by ghth11 in Dates & Times

To show some calculation about dates and time. Also to show some important events at that dates

Password Generator

Added May 25, 2016 by vijay1512 in Dates & Times


Cálculo de horas desde su nacimiento

Added May 24, 2016 by epasalazar in Dates & Times

Cálculo de horas de su nacimiento

distance 2 cities

Added May 24, 2016 by cesarwerlich in Dates & Times

distance 2 cities

FPRA Music Award Timezone Calculator

Added May 13, 2016 by aisea in Dates & Times

Timezone converter for FPRA music award

FPRA Music Awards timezone calculator

Added May 13, 2016 by aisea in Dates & Times

Time Zone calculator

How Much Time Left?

Added May 8, 2016 by andrewdoppenberg in Dates & Times

How Long Until August 5, 2016.

Sobriety Calculator

Added May 7, 2016 by JimNunyabiz in Dates & Times

Days Sober

Time till now

Added Apr 23, 2016 by Schwarze in Dates & Times

Calculate the time from a starting point up until the current time

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