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Dates & Times

Work Duration

Added Dec 12, 2014 by eatyourhat in Dates & Times

Calculates the duration (in hours) between 2 times. Ex: How many hours between 6:37am and 3:42pm? Result: 9.083 hours

Add hours to specific time

Added Dec 12, 2014 by eatyourhat in Dates & Times

Add hours to a specific time. Ex: What time is 6:30am plus 8.5 hour? Result: 3pm

time until date

Added Dec 12, 2014 by griggril000 in Dates & Times

Enter a description of your widget (e.g. what it does, what input to enter, what output it gives, and how it is useful).

Time Converter

Added Dec 7, 2014 by SirIvanhoe in Dates & Times

Converts times from one timezone for another.

Days Until Christmas

Added Dec 6, 2014 by Lone Wolf in Dates & Times

This tells you the days until Christmas


Added Dec 5, 2014 by alexjacobs in Dates & Times

calendar converter

Sunset Captiva, FL

Added Nov 21, 2014 by jpbuos in Dates & Times

Enter date get sunset time for Captiva and North Captiva Island

Time Until...

Added Nov 18, 2014 by JohnTheKoala in Dates & Times

Find the time until any day or time you want!

World Clock

Added Nov 18, 2014 in Dates & Times

world clock

Lead Line Meeting

Added Nov 16, 2014 by Pheonix06 in Dates & Times

This counts down the time remaining until the next Lead Line Meeting.

Amrta Muhurta Begins

Added Nov 11, 2014 by davidlugan in Dates & Times

This is the starting time for Amṛta Muhūrta: a very auspicious 48 minute period for chanting. Begins: 240 minutes before sunrise Ends: 192 minutes before sunrise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhurta

US VISA Administrative status

Added Nov 5, 2014 in Dates & Times

Days since Administrative clearance started

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