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Convert Wavelength to Colour

Added Oct 29, 2014 in Physics

Takes a nm input for light and outputs a color swatch, name, and other info for the chosen wavelength.

Convert Wavelength to Color

Added Oct 29, 2014 by Cr15py in Physics

Takes a wavelength value in nm and outputs the corresponding color and technical information about that wavelength of light.

Solid of Rotation

Added Oct 26, 2014 by hnelson7 in Physics


Angular Speed

Added Oct 14, 2014 by 10610739 in Physics


Position-Time Plot for Constant Velocity

Added Oct 11, 2014 by JudyAnn in Physics

Calculates for Constant Velocity


Added Sep 27, 2014 by yalla in Physics

Calculates leftover mass

pointeur laser 3000 mw

Added Sep 25, 2014 by fukuanba in Physics

http://www.puissantlaser.com/c-2/p-1088.html Ce pointeur laser vert est très lumineux et l'élément est durable.

Laser 20000mw Bleu Violet 15km

Added Sep 23, 2014 by ayyad in Physics

http://www.laserachat.com/pointeur-laser-bleu-20w-pour-specialiste.html J'ai acheté cette lumière laser comme un jouet pour mes chats. Il offre des heures de plaisir pour moi et mes chats.

Force on balloon

Added Sep 18, 2014 by imtheman90 in Physics

Use this formula to figure out how much "weight" will pull backward on the balloon for different speeds and sizes.

Balloon Radius Needed to Lift

Added Sep 18, 2014 by imtheman90 in Physics

Radius needed to lift weight with a balloon filled with helium.

Batterie Asus n550jk

Added Sep 16, 2014 by bateriepro in Physics

http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-k93.html - 56Wh 11.10 V Batterie pour ordinateur portable ASUS K93 Noir

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