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Ley de Coulomb

Added May 21, 2015 by Androids18 in Physics

Se remplaza las cargas y la distancia

sin x

Added May 19, 2015 in Physics


Lanzamiento de Proyectil

Added May 4, 2015 in Physics

Resumen gráficamente, a través de datos obtenidos de las ecuaciones del movimiento parabólico " Lanzamiento de proyectiles" // Summary graphically , through data obtained from the equations of parabolic movemen

HW#10 - 34.22

Added Apr 24, 2015 in Physics

electromagnetic waves, calculation distance based on power and magnetic field amplitude

Centripical Acceleration

Added Apr 23, 2015 by AngelMetodiev in Physics

centripetal acceleration

Imperial Pool Heating Calculator

Added Apr 22, 2015 in Physics

Calculate the amount of time it takes to heat a swimming pool given the volume and heater output. This is approximated time, as it assumes ideal heat transfer and doesn't account for heat loss.

Calculate Acceleration Centripical

Added Apr 17, 2015 by AngelMetodiev in Physics

Acceleration Centripical

Fuck 논리회로

Added Apr 16, 2015 by mwpar in Physics


Units calculator

Added Apr 2, 2015 by pinemach in Physics

Helper widget for understanding an invented natural unit system in relation to anthropic units. In the natural unit system, c = G = e = me = kB = 1.

Energy Calc

Added Mar 27, 2015 by wntr in Physics

Calculate potential energy of a mass at a given height.

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