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Balloon Ascent Rate Calculator

Added Feb 20, 2015 by hnelson7 in Physics

Ascent Rate Calculator for school project

Calculate Force using Newton's 2nd Law

Added Feb 13, 2015 by jnjn1214 in Physics

Calculate force = mass x acceleration Newton's 2nd Law of Motion

Gravitational Constant Calculator

Added Feb 13, 2015 by Saklad5 in Physics

Calculates a theoretical gravitational constant given force, the mass of each of two objects, and the distance between them.

Calculating Kinetic Energy

Added Feb 12, 2015 in Physics


Nuclear Binding Energy Finder

Added Feb 12, 2015 by jnjn1214 in Physics

calculate B.E.

Finding Force

Added Feb 12, 2015 by jnjn1214 in Physics

calculating force

Acceleration with Friction

Added Feb 12, 2015 by jnjn1214 in Physics


This kicks mass

Added Feb 5, 2015 by WebTester in Physics

...so don't expect anything amazing

PID controls

Added Jan 25, 2015 by Dermiste in Physics

Calculate the values of components involved in the making of a PID corrector with a single op amp.

Quantita di moto

Added Jan 22, 2015 by agostino in Physics

Calcolo della quantità di moto

Acceleration Down An Inclined Plane

Added Jan 19, 2015 by GRP in Physics

Calculate the acceleration of a particle down an inclined plane when the only forces acting on it are its weight and friction.

Ohm's law

Added Jan 4, 2015 by akashpriya in Physics

Ohm's Law

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