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Laser Pointer3000mw

Added Aug 28, 2015 by phoneapple in Physics

http://www.buylaserpointer.com/3000mw/p-33.htmlEverything! Performing low level Laser Pointer3000mw therapy is extremely precise. The body is a very precise instrument. If the laser diode does not mee

Specific Heat Capacity

Added Aug 26, 2015 by chey_fui in Physics

Find the specific heat capacity

Play Sound Waves

Added Aug 23, 2015 by jfdoyle1 in Physics

Experiment with different sound waves

Components of a Vector

Added Jul 13, 2015 by physics1 in Physics

This Widget will resolve a vector into its x and y components.

Light Speed

Added Jul 3, 2015 by dave_freeman in Physics

The speed that human physicians have calculated as maximum speed of light particles so far.

Doppler Effect on Visible Light

Added Jun 14, 2015 by Ella B in Physics

This is my pretty cool widget which allows you to calculate how fast you would have to travel towards or away from something to make it appear to change colour through the doppler effect.

Thrust to Weight Ratio

Added May 30, 2015 in Physics

Rocket thrust ro weight ratio on Earth


Added May 29, 2015 by Ian007 in Physics

Enter the frequency of any four sounds. The click on the Mix Em and Play button to see the wave pattern and hear the sound.

Daily Work

Added May 28, 2015 by SirScottEsquire in Physics

Calculates various physical properties (such as work, power generated, metabolic properties) of a specified subject doing various activities.

Ley de Coulomb

Added May 21, 2015 by Androids18 in Physics

Se remplaza las cargas y la distancia

sin x

Added May 19, 2015 in Physics


Lanzamiento de Proyectil

Added May 4, 2015 in Physics

Resumen gráficamente, a través de datos obtenidos de las ecuaciones del movimiento parabólico " Lanzamiento de proyectiles" // Summary graphically , through data obtained from the equations of parabolic movemen

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