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Units & Measures

Carli Shipping

Added Oct 24, 2014 by Radio in Units & Measures

Generic Percentage Calculator


Added Oct 22, 2014 by JoeBetz in Units & Measures


Aquarium Capacity Calculator

Added Oct 17, 2014 by leemcgraw in Units & Measures

Find out how many gallons in a measurable area.

Unit Conversion

Added Oct 3, 2014 by jminizimet in Units & Measures

Unit Converter

BMI Calculator

Added Sep 30, 2014 by Ashvani in Units & Measures

BMI Calculator


Added Sep 29, 2014 by bigbootybeetches in Units & Measures



Added Sep 22, 2014 in Units & Measures

Weight conversion tool

Calcular distancia

Added Sep 22, 2014 by rubenabravoc in Units & Measures


Speed Unit Converter

Added Sep 10, 2014 by JunN in Units & Measures

convert km/h to m/s, etc.

Convert CFS to Acre Feet Per Acre

Added Sep 5, 2014 by mccallios in Units & Measures

Convert CFS flow for a growing season to AFA per acre.

Local Time for the 11 am CST Webinar

Added Sep 2, 2014 by archagent in Units & Measures

gives the local time for an 11 am CST Webinar

Sunrise / Sunset in a Texas Town

Added Aug 25, 2014 by ccummings54 in Units & Measures

Sunrise / Sunset in a Texas Town

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