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from Stuttgart to

Added Sep 2, 2015 by francocapuano in Units & Measures

distance mesure from Stuttgart Germany to ....

Cubic Yard Converter

Added Aug 12, 2015 by AirMan in Units & Measures

Converts cubic yards into tons factoring in the weight per ton of the material

Soil and Amendment Calculator

Added Aug 6, 2015 by joedonato263 in Units & Measures

Soil and Amendment Calculator

Chicago Time

Added Jul 22, 2015 by rahuldotd in Units & Measures

Chicago, Local Time

Hebrew Talmudic Length Converter

Added Jul 22, 2015 by radeon in Units & Measures

Concerned about accuracy of the Jewish Talmudic Length Converter? Use this nifty calculator to convert between Amot and metric units. Units are sorted in alphabetical order.

Ounces to cups conversions

Added Jul 15, 2015 by lawolfe in Units & Measures

Ounces to cups Calculator

Size Calculator

Added Jul 10, 2015 by freliz in Units & Measures


Size Calculator

Added Jun 23, 2015 by mike007 in Units & Measures

Multiplies square feet by $4/square foot.

Distance Calculator

Added Jun 16, 2015 by hennie in Units & Measures

Distance Calulator


Added Jun 11, 2015 by Innokreat in Units & Measures

Simply enter two places and find the distance between them


Added Jun 4, 2015 in Units & Measures

A simple conversion calculator using Wolfram Alpha

Departure in:

Added May 26, 2015 by Bernard52 in Units & Measures


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