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Units & Measures

Length Convertion

Added Dec 26, 2014 by Sleepinium in Units & Measures

From Imperial units to International units

UTC/GMT Time Conversion

Added Dec 25, 2014 by loughboroughclass in Units & Measures


Size Converter

Added Dec 19, 2014 by Torconsult in Units & Measures

European shoe size converter

Final Exam

Added Dec 4, 2014 by jrsquid3 in Units & Measures


Odredjivanje rastojanja

Added Nov 27, 2014 by Xeobo in Units & Measures

Rastojanje izmedju dva grada.

Cubic Feet Calculator

Added Nov 17, 2014 by cymgen in Units & Measures

Refrigerator Sizes Calculator


Added Nov 14, 2014 in Units & Measures

a comparison tool

Distance Finder

Added Nov 6, 2014 by SaajanM in Units & Measures

Find the distance between two cities and other useful infomation.

BMI Calculator

Added Oct 30, 2014 by slankeoperasjon in Units & Measures

BMI Calculator

Carli Shipping

Added Oct 24, 2014 by Radio in Units & Measures

Generic Percentage Calculator

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