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Deprevation Vessel Calc

Added Sep 5, 2014 by Splash in Sports & Games

Calculator for deprevation [sic] vessel weapons capacity increase for use with Dunewars


Added Aug 5, 2014 by rewozz in Sports & Games


Warframe Update 14 Deadline

Added Jul 17, 2014 by Chiz Whiz in Sports & Games

Since everybody is having trouble with timezones, here's an app that will work regardless of where you are. Simple.

One team in Bristol

Added Jul 10, 2014 by zyder9 in Sports & Games

days since bristol rovers were above bristol city

Cycling Calorie Counter

Added Jun 26, 2014 by RDTechNet in Sports & Games

Cycling Calorie Counter


Added Jun 19, 2014 by farukh in Sports & Games

produces a diagram to show how to solve a cube o rof a speciefied thing

US2 Prayer Calc V2

Added May 29, 2014 by rabidworm in Sports & Games

UltimateScape 2 Prayer Calculator. Now with bone choice and lvl/exp choice!


Added May 22, 2014 by Marteen in Sports & Games


Productivity E4K

Added May 11, 2014 in Sports & Games

Get yyour productivity for E4K

Enchantment Cost

Added May 3, 2014 by kiligir in Sports & Games

A widget that calculates cost of enchanting a weapon in Pathfinder.


Added Apr 26, 2014 by SPam0T in Sports & Games

Mon widget de pronostic

Chess Rating

Added Apr 7, 2014 in Sports & Games

calculates chess rating

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