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Pythagorean Wins Finder

Added May 27, 2015 by HighOPS in Sports & Games

Traditional Pythagorean Wins Calculator

Chest Location

Added May 8, 2015 by DylanBent in Sports & Games

Allows users to find hidden chests based on two locations and the distance to the hidden chest from those locations.

Tuo Numero da 1 a 90

Added Mar 18, 2015 by numer in Sports & Games

Premi buttone e aspetta

Days Between Dates

Added Feb 24, 2015 by sashaemond in Sports & Games


McC Adoption Draft Calculator

Added Feb 17, 2015 by treskies in Sports & Games

The arcane McC draft formula, now in widget form.

Distance to Freejam HQ Calculator

Added Jan 12, 2015 by Mrlong2 in Sports & Games

A useless device to decide whether it's reasonable to start a riot about SMG hovers.

Nitrox MOD Calculator

Added Dec 13, 2014 by czylka in Sports & Games

Calculates the MOD for a given nitrox mix

Swertres Number Daily Generator (3D)

Added Oct 29, 2014 by nice2share in Sports & Games

This is a swertres generator software for swertres tips to win, swertres tips combinations, swertres tips blogs, swertres calendar guide, swertres calendar method, and swertres hearing maintains

Swertres Lucky Pick Numbers Generator

Added Oct 29, 2014 by nice2share in Sports & Games

This is the swertres lucky pick numbers generator to guide you the best probable winning numbers for pcso swertres lottery game.

Swertres Generator (3D)

Added Oct 6, 2014 by jisan in Sports & Games

Philippine PCSO swertres Lotto Generator

10% Minimum Troop Donation Calculator

Added Sep 30, 2014 by sapph1retw1n in Sports & Games

This is a simple calculator for Clash of Clans to meet the minimum troop donation requirement of 10%. Designed by sapph1retw1n for the Don't Slow Down clan.

Deprevation Vessel Calc

Added Sep 5, 2014 by Splash in Sports & Games

Calculator for deprevation [sic] vessel weapons capacity increase for use with Dunewars

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