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Computational Sciences


Added Apr 28, 2015 in Computational Sciences

joe bot

Image Manipulation Example

Added Apr 25, 2015 by MikeMcCormick7 in Computational Sciences


gants Laser

Added Apr 7, 2015 by lazerpuissant in Computational Sciences

http://www.lazerpuissant.com/acessoires/product-112.html , Shining a laser light pointer at an aircraft is a dangerous thing to do, by all accounts. But after two aircraft - including a Sheriff's Office helicopter - were targeted Wednesday night in Palm Beach County , deputies are also pointing out another stark fact: it's a felony. James McDonald, a 52-year-old West Boca man, was reminded of this reality when he was arrested early Thursday after deputies said he flashed a green pointer at the cockpit of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Eagle helicopter just before midnight.


Added Apr 5, 2015 by so in Computational Sciences

I love Wolfram|Alpha


Added Mar 22, 2015 by skype in Computational Sciences


My First Widget

Added Mar 4, 2015 in Computational Sciences

This diaplays my first widget

lol - 200px

Added Feb 26, 2015 by colling in Computational Sciences


Offset your Co2 Emission

Added Feb 14, 2015 by shanefiddle in Computational Sciences

a rough estimate of an amount to donate to local efforts to increase cycle infrastructure and offset Co2 emitted by air travel

Calculate your Travel Distance

Added Feb 13, 2015 by shanefiddle in Computational Sciences

A simple widget to calculate roundtrip or one way air mileage with a layover

Calculate Your Emissions

Added Feb 13, 2015 by shanefiddle in Computational Sciences

Calculates the average Co2 emitted per person by travelling on a commercial airplane not first class. You must know the total mileage already.

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