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Added Nov 19, 2014 by laura0318 in Colors


Dogstools vision

Added Oct 21, 2014 by Dogstools Vision in Colors

Interpretación de colores según la visión canina.

Color mixer

Added Oct 17, 2014 by IvanVasilevich in Colors

Смесь цветов

simplifying algebraic

Added Oct 14, 2014 by cwright22 in Colors



Added Sep 20, 2014 by WOLFRAM in Colors


Random Color Generator

Added May 11, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Colors

Generates random colors

Mix Colors

Added May 10, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Colors

Mix Colors

CAPTCHA Generator

Added May 6, 2014 in Colors

Frankenmuth Morning Rotary

bender widget

Added Mar 22, 2014 in Colors


Mix Red, Green and Blue to make a colour

Added Mar 11, 2014 by ianS24 in Colors

The widget displays a disk whose colour is that obtained by mixing red, green and blue in the quantities shown in the input boxes.

Color Mixing

Added Mar 6, 2014 by Sapna in Colors

This widget provides color when mixed with 2 different colors like red mixed with white gives pink.

Properties of a Named Colour

Added Jan 6, 2014 by DavJac in Colors

Properties of a named colour

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