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Places & Geography

Latitude & longitude

Added Nov 13, 2014 by Pch154 in Places & Geography

To use: Enter a city (without state/province) Press the button


Added Nov 7, 2014 by Satyanand in Places & Geography

A college project

Capital Cities

Added Oct 12, 2014 by JonPerry in Places & Geography

Delivers information of the capital cities of countries in the world.

Distances entre Villes de France

Added Apr 24, 2013 by franckmelka in Places & Geography

Ce petit widget permet de calculer la distance entre 2 villes

Distance Widget

Added Sep 28, 2014 by wolfram1 in Places & Geography

It is for distances

World Country Comparison

Added Sep 23, 2014 by strommera in Places & Geography

Compare countries of the world to the USA.

Distance Calculator

Added Sep 22, 2014 by sjl6333 in Places & Geography

Calculates the distance and travel time from one place to another.

Map of Germany

Added Sep 21, 2014 by wolfram1 in Places & Geography

Map widget of Germany it shows a map of Germany

Map of Weimar

Added Sep 15, 2014 by wolfram1 in Places & Geography

It shows a map of Weimar,Thuringia.


Added Sep 10, 2014 by KBAI in Places & Geography

Distance measured

What country is bigger?

Added Sep 4, 2014 by OksanaVusyk in Places & Geography

Shows which country is bigger.

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