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Places & Geography


Added Jul 11, 2016 by beste in Places & Geography

Travel Distance

Test distance

Added Jul 7, 2016 in Places & Geography

Test widget for distance calculation

Temperatura Buenos Aires

Added Jun 30, 2016 by OmarMigliarini in Places & Geography

Da la temperatura para una fecha dada en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Indowalk Informasi Jarak

Added Jun 22, 2016 by Xaviery's in Places & Geography

Sebuah mesin pengukur jarak antar kota dengan viewer map sattelite untuk akurasi ukuran.

place converter

Added Jun 21, 2016 by Minecraft2boy in Places & Geography

made by Minecraft2boy

Zip Code Tools

Added Jun 18, 2016 by MOKF94@YAHOO.COM in Places & Geography

Ever the zip code to see what city and county it is located.

Distance Calculator

Added Jun 15, 2016 by philipjjjj in Places & Geography

A distance calculator!


Added Jun 9, 2016 by anro1 in Places & Geography



Added Jun 9, 2016 by anro1 in Places & Geography


Phuket Tide Charts

Added May 14, 2016 by Phuket in Places & Geography

Check here for tides near your accommodation in Phuket.

What you want to know ?

Added Apr 28, 2016 in Places & Geography

Get informations to any country,state or city.

Height Finder

Added Apr 19, 2016 by mamifsidtect in Places & Geography

Simple widget to retrieve the height of any famous landmark or person in the world

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