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Places & Geography

Distance O' Meter

Added Apr 17, 2014 by Caleb1 in Places & Geography

This Widget Takes a place and another place and tells you how far it is to eachother


Added Apr 17, 2014 by Vathena in Places & Geography


distances from home

Added Apr 16, 2014 by jkrauss in Places & Geography

This will tell you how far apart two places are

Cities of country

Added Apr 14, 2014 by AxeltoryTestWidget in Places & Geography

Returns the list of cities in the selected country

Weather in cities in Northern Ireland

Added Mar 18, 2014 by ianS24 in Places & Geography

The widget displays weather information for the five cities of Northern Ireland.

Country Distance Compare - Also Cities

Added Mar 17, 2014 by TheScaryScreenName in Places & Geography

Make sure you type it like the sample that is up

new york

Added Mar 11, 2014 by MAsterj48 in Places & Geography

what time it is in new york city

Community Information

Added Mar 7, 2014 by LisaZalenski in Places & Geography

Community Information on Jersey City, NJ

Distance from - to

Added Mar 4, 2014 by dsveinscss in Places & Geography

Distance from iceland to scotland

Find a distance between

Added Feb 25, 2014 in Places & Geography

Find a distance between places


Added Feb 19, 2014 in Places & Geography

Calculate the distance from your house to mine


Added Jan 27, 2014 by Prachurjya in Places & Geography

Need to calaculate the distance . Use now

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