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Places & Geography


Added Sep 11, 2015 by abcdf in Places & Geography

distance form highway

Distance from US to Philippines

Added Sep 2, 2015 by Carma in Places & Geography

A simple widget that calculates how far you are from your homeland (if you are in the US)

Distance from Loveland, CO

Added Aug 20, 2015 by lilyfish050 in Places & Geography

Distance from Loveland, CO (80538) to your zip code

Distance Calculator

Added Aug 16, 2015 in Places & Geography

A distance calculator

Distance Calculator

Added Aug 12, 2015 by ned2468 in Places & Geography

A calculator of distance

Arc minutes to decimal degrees

Added Aug 10, 2015 by ramiromasters in Places & Geography

This widget calculates arc minutes to decimal degrees to 5 decimal places.

Distance widget

Added Aug 8, 2015 by Numbers in Places & Geography

Flight distance between 2 cities in New Zealand

Distance Calculator

Added Aug 8, 2015 by Numbers in Places & Geography

Distance between Earth and Moon

more about Aruba...

Added Jun 15, 2015 in Places & Geography

Demographic information

Distance Calculator

Added Jun 5, 2015 by larsima in Places & Geography

Calculates distance between 2 cities and provides a visual and several different length readouts.

Distance to Brussels calculator

Added Jun 2, 2015 in Places & Geography

Compute the distance to Brussels, Belgium


Added Jun 1, 2015 in Places & Geography

Looks up tide information for a given location and time frame.

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