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Words & Linguistics

Name Calculator

Added Jul 5, 2016 by dav113 in Words & Linguistics

Displays statistics for the name chosen.

Anagram Widget

Added May 10, 2016 by Jake47 in Words & Linguistics

Almost any word or words have an anagram. Use this to find them.

Food vs Food

Added Apr 30, 2016 by Matt0315 in Words & Linguistics

Compare foods!


Added Feb 22, 2016 by sheaturkey in Words & Linguistics


Random Word Generator

Added Feb 18, 2016 by jnsamcho in Words & Linguistics

Traveller's Random Story Generator

Learn About French Language

Added Jan 27, 2016 by starflute242 in Words & Linguistics

Click to learn about the French language.


Added Jan 12, 2016 by Dasist in Words & Linguistics


Language Converter

Added Jan 10, 2016 by HarithShah in Words & Linguistics

Change any English word to Another Language!

Translate NOW

Added Jan 1, 2016 by first step translations in Words & Linguistics

Because we work day and night to guarantee you: That your translation has been polished to the foot of the letter; That no one else but a professional translator has intervened in the quality assurance process; That we won’t be paying a penny for 5 translators to do the task a single translator can get done in the blink of an eye; That we definitely don’t use Google or Bing Translators because we strongly believe that the money you already pay us is enough for our translators to undertake such a paramount responsibility of maintaining a refined and unique quality and style. We are FIRST STEP, so our priority and number ONE STEP is keeping our clients satisfied!

Definition definier

Added Dec 11, 2015 by articuno032 in Words & Linguistics

Defines Words

Dictionary Alpha

Added Dec 8, 2015 by MrWatts in Words & Linguistics

This simple widget lets the user type in a word to be defined.


Added Nov 3, 2015 by gustap in Words & Linguistics

Translate any word to swedish

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