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Words & Linguistics

English to Turkish Translater

Added Oct 8, 2014 by SerdarAtalay in Words & Linguistics

It's a small box for quick translations from English to Turkish.

Shakespeare works analysis

Added Sep 19, 2014 by maperez324 in Words & Linguistics

This widget let you analyze Shakespeare works. They get all the info available and show it by categories


Added Aug 25, 2014 by johngee in Words & Linguistics

looks up a word at WolframAlpha

Draw Free

Added Aug 19, 2014 by Chris_1974 in Words & Linguistics

helps with draw free and countdown games. doesn't quite work...


Added Aug 7, 2014 by Alwinfy in Words & Linguistics

Enter a word, and the widget defines it.


Added Aug 3, 2014 by naested in Words & Linguistics



Added Jul 26, 2014 by TeachingHam in Words & Linguistics


Crossword Cheater

Added Jul 13, 2014 by EdK in Words & Linguistics

Fill in known letters and get matching words

Acronym Identifier

Added May 18, 2014 by dr_Tammuz in Words & Linguistics

Enter the acronym or text lingo you wish to identify below.

How do you spell

Added May 11, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Words & Linguistics

Learn how to spell some words.

Word Generator

Added May 10, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Words & Linguistics

Generate random word

Scrabble Word Score Calculator

Added Mar 17, 2014 by ChickenSoupForTheNick in Words & Linguistics

Type in a word to see the word score of that word and whether or not that word is in the dictionary. You can also type in all of the letters you have, and it will show a chart with all possible words.

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