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Words & Linguistics


Added Nov 29, 2014 by Rohini Gudimetla in Words & Linguistics

Find the meaning of any word.

Words with Friends word finder

Added Nov 24, 2014 in Words & Linguistics

Widget to help you identify words for words with friends

English to Turkish Translater

Added Oct 8, 2014 by SerdarAtalay in Words & Linguistics

It's a small box for quick translations from English to Turkish.

Shakespeare works analysis

Added Sep 19, 2014 by maperez324 in Words & Linguistics

This widget let you analyze Shakespeare works. They get all the info available and show it by categories


Added Aug 25, 2014 by johngee in Words & Linguistics

looks up a word at WolframAlpha

Draw Free

Added Aug 19, 2014 by Chris_1974 in Words & Linguistics

helps with draw free and countdown games. doesn't quite work...


Added Aug 7, 2014 by Alwinfy in Words & Linguistics

Enter a word, and the widget defines it.


Added Aug 3, 2014 by naested in Words & Linguistics



Added Jul 26, 2014 by TeachingHam in Words & Linguistics


Crossword Cheater

Added Jul 13, 2014 by EdK in Words & Linguistics

Fill in known letters and get matching words

Acronym Identifier

Added May 18, 2014 by dr_Tammuz in Words & Linguistics

Enter the acronym or text lingo you wish to identify below.

How do you spell

Added May 11, 2014 by ChickenEmre in Words & Linguistics

Learn how to spell some words.

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