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Words & Linguistics

Scrabble Word Score Calculator

Added Mar 17, 2014 by ChickenSoupForTheNick in Words & Linguistics

Type in a word to see the word score of that word and whether or not that word is in the dictionary. You can also type in all of the letters you have, and it will show a chart with all possible words.

Words with the same meaning (Synonyms)

Added Mar 12, 2014 by ianS24 in Words & Linguistics

Enter a new word in the input box and click the synonyms button. The widget will display words with the same meaning as your word.

Pocket Dictionary

Added Mar 10, 2014 by JosephG in Words & Linguistics

A simple dictionary.

Morse Code

Added Mar 5, 2014 by Jeresnine in Words & Linguistics

Turns your input into morse code


Added Feb 28, 2014 by sharanga in Words & Linguistics


Know it All...

Added Feb 28, 2014 by sharanga in Words & Linguistics

Know it All...


Added Feb 11, 2014 by Slick in Words & Linguistics

Determines Origin Of Many Personal Names.

Morse code

Added Dec 8, 2013 by Joris21 in Words & Linguistics

Type makkelijk tekst en converteer het naar morse.

What's in a name?

Added Oct 7, 2013 by ADOS in Words & Linguistics

Find the English words in the names of the students in 6A.


Added Sep 26, 2013 by mmiller15 in Words & Linguistics

Definition of words

Rhyming Words

Added Feb 21, 2011 by activeducator in Words & Linguistics

A basic rhyming words widget

Random Word Generator

Added Sep 23, 2013 by MDragonwillow in Words & Linguistics

Need some inspiration, select a random word and then write whatever comes up for you.

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