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Socioeconomic Data


Added Aug 12, 2015 by psingh in Socioeconomic Data



Added Jul 22, 2015 by IoTChris in Socioeconomic Data


NIMUN Country Research

Added Jul 15, 2015 by The_Professor in Socioeconomic Data

Test your knowledge of the world an it's sociological data.

Indian Economic Statistics

Added Jul 11, 2015 in Socioeconomic Data

Gives India's economic stats

Socioeconomics by country

Added Jul 3, 2015 by lucylu87 in Socioeconomic Data

Brief Socioeconomic information by country

Human Development Index Calculator

Added Jun 1, 2015 in Socioeconomic Data

Input: Enter A Country Output: The widget will output the details for the country's HDI followed by the total

US State Economic Comparisons

Added May 18, 2015 by Adriana1123 in Socioeconomic Data

Comparing US state economics

African Countries GDP

Added Feb 21, 2015 by ferk in Socioeconomic Data

Gross domestic product Africa. African countries.

Salary by Profession

Added Feb 20, 2015 by ferk in Socioeconomic Data

Salary by profession. Enter profession (e.g., physician, teacher, truck driver) and submit.

Unemployment Comparison

Added Feb 19, 2015 by ferk in Socioeconomic Data

Compare the unemployment rates in two countries over time.

Human Development Index Map

Added May 25, 2014 by ferk in Socioeconomic Data

Human development index

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