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Socioeconomic Data

Urban Growth

Added Oct 31, 2014 by DrPejvak in Socioeconomic Data

By Peji Kokabian Urban Growth equation Y as resources , are used for both maintenance and growth of population N. R per unit to maintain and E for extra unit of growing population.

Tourism Stats For Region

Added Oct 19, 2014 by Bluewolf in Socioeconomic Data

This wiget will give you the visitor statistics for any region defined in the WolframAlpha Data set

Desarrollo Humano

Added Oct 16, 2014 by maperez324 in Socioeconomic Data

Establece tres índices y un total. Está comparado con todas las naciones del orbe.

Unemployment Comparison

Added Oct 14, 2014 in Socioeconomic Data

Compares unemployment of two countries with a matching time plot.


Added Sep 20, 2014 by SalaryCalculator.com in Socioeconomic Data

Calculate salary by occupation and location.

GDP in the United States of America

Added Sep 4, 2014 by auxelmer in Socioeconomic Data

The GDP of the United States of America

African Countries GDP

Added Aug 24, 2014 by deschatjes in Socioeconomic Data

Africa GDP by country with history


Added Jul 27, 2014 by Cashbit in Socioeconomic Data

Show witch industries are present in a country

Pop density and home value by zip

Added Jul 23, 2014 by LuxAddress in Socioeconomic Data

Pop density and home value by zip

Free Rent Calcultor

Added Jul 14, 2014 by ocwalkers in Socioeconomic Data

Calculate How Much Rent will save in our Eviction Stop Program Now!

Page Rank

Added Jun 11, 2014 in Socioeconomic Data

Use this widget to compare the hits on two different websites.


Added May 28, 2014 by euresti in Socioeconomic Data

Población según el género de un país.

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