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Added Mar 22, 2014 in Technological World

sem saber o que faser

QR CODE Generator

Added Mar 3, 2014 in Technological World

QR Code Generator

Qacci, Inc.

Added Feb 20, 2014 by smartum in Technological World

All about

QR CODE Generator

Added Jan 21, 2014 by TobiasH in Technological World

Das Widget stellt einen Text als QR Code dar.

vente pointeur laser

Added Jan 8, 2014 by dfrty5ru in Technological World

pointeur laser est très bon produit bien emballé, fonctionne http://www.puissantlaser.com/c-2/p-1089.html

100mw laser

Added Jan 6, 2014 by apple5 in Technological World

http://www.everyonetobuy.com/100mw-powerful-blue-violet-laser-pointer.html1.Flashlight style, small and exquisite 2.Aviation aluminum with silver plated, feels smooth and nice 3.Adjustable focusing, c


Added Dec 26, 2013 by jarviss in Technological World

search for

Byte Converter

Added Dec 16, 2013 in Technological World

Byte converter

Know it All...

Added Dec 10, 2013 in Technological World

ask me anything

Find out the internet penetration of differen

Added Oct 23, 2013 by Harriet in Technological World

Find out the global internet use per capita, or usage by country per capita


Added Oct 19, 2013 by Crystallia in Technological World

Enter any two given places and it calculates the distance.

Extension Decoder

Added Jul 14, 2013 by JosephG in Technological World

Have you ever noticed that little ".xxx" at the end of a file name? Use the following widget to find what it means! FYI: Not very accurate

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