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Health & Medicine


Added Jul 22, 2014 by stonersunshine in Health & Medicine

Controlla la quantità di raggi UV

Nutritional Information Calculator

Added Jul 15, 2014 by mummak in Health & Medicine

Find nutrition information on foods you love

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Added Jul 9, 2014 by Al_access in Health & Medicine

Pregnancy Calculator


Added Jul 3, 2014 by BenjaminD in Health & Medicine

Enter name of closest city and what sun protection factor you use and the widget calculates how long you can be in the sun without burning. It uses GeoLocation, UV-Index and forecast, skin type and SPF

TheHairWeb.com - Hair Length Calculator

Added Jul 1, 2014 in Health & Medicine

This is a hair calculator that will tell you what to expect the length of your hair should be over a given time. We recommend Hair Formula 37 - for much better and faster results!

Human Growth Chart

Added Jul 1, 2014 by angie33333 in Health & Medicine

Human Growth Charts

BMI Calculator

Added Jun 27, 2014 by Jaideepg01 in Health & Medicine

BMI widget with body mass calculator

Weight loss by driving

Added Jun 27, 2014 by Jaideepg01 in Health & Medicine

calculate weight loss by driving

Nutrition Calculator

Added Jun 21, 2014 by keelingj in Health & Medicine

Nutrition facts about any food

Calculadora Indicia Masa Corporal

Added Jun 10, 2014 by hecjoh in Health & Medicine

Calculadora de IMC

Wendler 1 Rep Max Calculator

Added Jun 4, 2014 by swahl in Health & Medicine

Estimates one rep max for Wendler 5/3/1

Nneka's General Goal Assessment

Added May 21, 2014 in Health & Medicine

great tool to paint a picture

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