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Animal Energy Calculator

Added Apr 3, 2014 by drapp in Engineering

Convert the amount of energy that the average american uses into number of animals required to consume an equivalent amount of energy

Limite iterado

Added Apr 2, 2014 by solcisssss in Engineering


Bolt/Screw Threads

Added Apr 1, 2014 by goffknard in Engineering

Basic calculator for bolt and screw threads.

Satellite Access by Location

Added Mar 22, 2014 by Jaykwellin in Engineering

Find out when a satellite will come into view at a given location....

Triple Integral Calculator

Added Mar 20, 2014 by esali in Engineering

calculates triple integrals

Boiling Point

Added Mar 19, 2014 in Engineering

Calculates the boiling point of water at various pressures.


Added Mar 13, 2014 by Rashid M in Engineering


Matrx 3x3. Determinant, Trace, Inverse

Added Mar 12, 2014 by jackattack9834 in Engineering

Determinant, Trace, Inverse

Ohms Law Voltage Calc

Added Mar 12, 2014 by PietroCappello in Engineering

Ohms Law Voltage Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator

Added Mar 12, 2014 by PietroCappello in Engineering

Ohms Law Calculator

Bike Chain Length Calculator

Added Mar 12, 2014 by Uberrod in Engineering

Calculates Length of Bike Chain using Park Tools Equation

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