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LED Current Limiting Resistor

Added Feb 17, 2015 by RnDMonkey in Engineering

Calculates the Resistor value needed for a given supply voltage, LED voltage, and LED current.

bryan wolfran

Added Feb 5, 2015 in Engineering


System of Equations Solver :)

Added Feb 2, 2015 by heyitsred in Engineering



Added Jan 26, 2015 by nathansenn in Engineering


Fibonacci Calculator

Added Jan 9, 2015 by TheZegSeat in Engineering


Takamol :P

Added Dec 28, 2014 by Solom in Engineering

bos yabn el nas ektep ay takamol w isa isa keda hyt7al bel 5atawat >> w ed3ely

Power Calculator

Added Dec 10, 2014 by TheZegSeat in Engineering

Avoid the 2^1024 limit by using Wolfram|Alpha! If the exponent displays as a decimal, convert the 10^decimal part into scientific notation to have the correct format.

Partial Derivative Calculator

Added Sep 16, 2014 by Canese in Engineering

partial derivatives

General Differential Equation Solver

Added Oct 14, 2014 by apissaris in Engineering

Solving differential equations

Decimal number to two's complement

Added Nov 30, 2014 by snowbonkt in Engineering

Decimal to binary 2s complement

Construction Engineering

Added Nov 29, 2014 in Engineering

Calculation methods for technical math problems. Especially concerning construction and infrastructure engineering formulas and equations.

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