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Added Jul 20, 2016 in Engineering

Derivative solver

3 Equation 3 Unknown Solver

Added Jul 7, 2016 by marymarchegiano in Engineering

Solves a 3 loop mesh analysis problem. Use i for imaginary numbers.

Differential Equation Solver

Added Jun 28, 2016 by PANK in Engineering


Wifi Fresnel Zone

Added Jun 27, 2016 by kgbvax in Engineering

Calculates the maximum radius of the Fresnel zone at 2.4Ghz.

Coordenadas Polares

Added Jun 19, 2016 in Engineering

Criar gráficos de coordenadas polares.

Watts to dBW

Added Jun 6, 2016 by adhatarc in Engineering

W to dBW

Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers

Added May 13, 2016 by Joe Yurkonis in Engineering

Simple addition or subtraction of two complex numbers


Added Apr 30, 2016 by ChristopherFerris in Engineering



Added Apr 19, 2016 by Jsan in Engineering


Slope Power Calculator

Added Mar 26, 2016 by raptortech97 in Engineering

Calculate the power required for a car to climb a slope with a given angle


Added Mar 13, 2016 by Wolf Credicts in Engineering

Having your own list of words gives you a way to structure and calculate your own space, counties, governs. As a last resort or an option to so many words.

Motor Power

Added Mar 8, 2016 by eeSteveT in Engineering

Simple motor power converter

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