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Money & Finance

Dow Jones & S&P Index

Added Jun 28, 2016 in Money & Finance

DJIA and other indices

Rent Vs. Buy

Added Jun 20, 2016 by mbelgeri in Money & Finance

Calculate the cost of renting vs the cost of buying with our free calculator

Ƀ → $

Added Jun 17, 2016 in Money & Finance

Convert 1 Bitcoin to United States Dollar

Financial Exchange Rate

Added Jun 14, 2016 by coDOTza in Money & Finance

Exchange rate

Currency Converter

Added Jun 1, 2016 by deadlylion5 in Money & Finance

Currency converter, from most popular currencies around the world.

Quick Stock Charts

Added May 14, 2016 by boomersint in Money & Finance

Stock Chart for my blog

6-Month Steel Price

Added May 12, 2016 in Money & Finance

Track Steel Futures for the Prior Six Month Period

Brent Oil Price

Added May 11, 2016 in Money & Finance

The current and historical price of Brent crude oil.

Beachside Commission Calculator

Added May 4, 2016 by selmanaj in Money & Finance

Calculate your Real Estate Commission based on Century 21 Beachside Rules

Loan EMI Calculator

Added May 3, 2016 by Basha518 in Money & Finance

Personal Loan

Wall ISD Bond Monthly Tax Increase Calculator

Added Apr 22, 2016 by Suzette in Money & Finance

Wall ISD School Bond Monthly Tax Increase Calculator

Country Risk Effect on Company Valuation

Added Apr 20, 2016 by Financeguy in Money & Finance

Calculates change in relative value for the same company when the Country Risk component of the WACC formula change. Ran out of capacity, so Corporate Spread is fixed at 1%, Growth is fixed at 2.5%.

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