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Money & Finance

Home Loan Mortgage Calculator

Added Jan 22, 2015 in Money & Finance

Mortgage Calculator

Simulasi KPR

Added Jan 21, 2015 by nukang in Money & Finance


How Much Value Does Sherlock Holmes' Money Ha

Added Jan 21, 2015 by SherlockHolmesFan in Money & Finance

Enter the number of pounds from the year 1895. This widget will tell you the value of that money in pounds or dollars today using the change in the Retail Price Index

iframe search

Added Jan 21, 2015 by vardan.avetisyan in Money & Finance

search in an iframe

Currency Converter

Added Jan 14, 2015 by JWB in Money & Finance

Converts chosen currency 1 to chosen currency 2

Dollar to Rupees

Added Jan 12, 2015 by desaide3 in Money & Finance

This dollar to rupees converter tell you how much is dollar rate in rupees. and it will also give you the dollar history. you have to put the amount. and it will convert for you.

Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures

Added Jan 8, 2015 by SGP in Money & Finance

A widget that checks the Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures price.


Added Dec 18, 2014 by sirRothchild in Money & Finance



Added Dec 16, 2014 by yoscreen in Money & Finance

Currency converter


Added Dec 12, 2014 by griggril000 in Money & Finance

Type in stock code or company name.

Dow Jones

Added Dec 10, 2014 by haroldiv in Money & Finance

dow jones widget


Added Dec 10, 2014 by GilTober in Money & Finance

Convert USD to NIS

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