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What do I do if I have QuickTime installed, but nothing plays?

Check QuickTime's settings and make sure it is configured to play MIDI files in your browser.

  1. Open QuickTime and go to Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences.
  2. Click the Browser tab.
  3. In the bottom of the resulting window, click the MIME Settings button. The other options on this screen will not affect how Wolfram|Alpha uses QuickTime.
  4. In the Set Program Associations control, check the option "MIDI file", which associates midi files with QuickTime. The other MIME types on this screen can be ignored.
  5. Click Save and then click OK.
  6. Restart your browser.

If you are using Firefox on Windows and these instructions do not help, you may be running into an issue with a corrupt plug-in file. Please go here for more information.