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Explore transportation, which describes the movement of cargo or passengers to and from a location or locations. Use Wolfram|Alpha to investigate a diverse set of transportation concepts, which includes transportation centers, pathways and formulas.

Road Transport

Discover the extent of roads, which are among the most-used forms of transportation for passengers and cargo.

Get information about an automobile model:

Get data on road lengths for a given country:

Get data on vehicles in use:

Get traffic data for a specified country:

Get data on road accidents:

Get gasoline price data:

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Rail Transport

Study the extent and capacity of rail transport systems.

Get data on rail transport by country:

Get information about a railroad station:

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Air Transport

Obtain an understanding of air transportation of passengers and cargo.

Locate an airport and get information about it:

Do computations on airline data:

Compare several aircraft:

Get data for a specified flight:

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Water Transport

Gain an understanding of water transport systems, which use ships to transport goods and people.

Get information about a cruise ship:

Get information about a property of an aircraft carrier:

Compare shipwrecks:

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  • Space Transport

    Query for data on rockets, which are the primary method used for space transport.

    Get information about a manned space mission:

    Get information about a space shuttle:

    Compare space probes:

    Find rockets with specified properties:

    Compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another:

    Compare warp factors to the speed of light:

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