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Engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, construction, analysis and maintenance of structures, machines and systems using scientific methods, mathematical knowledge and physical principles. Engineering encompasses many fields and disciplines, ranging from mechanical and structural to chemical and aerospace. Wolfram|Alpha allows you to explore various facets of engineering, including computing formulas and constants for electricity, materials science, aerodynamics and more.

Aerospace Engineering

Explore data about aircraft, rockets, satellites or space probes.

Get information about a type of aircraft:

Look up a rocket property:

Find out where a specific satellite is right now:

Get information about probes of a specified type:

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Electrical Engineering

Explore the applications of the electromagnetic force for various practical purposes.

Compute characteristics of an AC signal:

Compute characteristics of a motor:

Explore properties of ideal waveguides:

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Civil Engineering

Calculate the forces on structures, such as bridges and buildings, that we use every day.

Compute the mandated ventilation rate:

Compute the deflection of a beam under load:

Calculate the max allowable weight on a bridge:

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Steam Tables

Compute the properties of steam, saturated steam and phase boundaries.

Compute properties of steam at a given temperature:

Specify a temperature and pressure:

Compute properties of saturated steam:

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Energy Data

Look up data regarding the global energy industry, including production, consumption and prices.

Get data on energy resources:

Compute the cost for a specified quantity of electricity:

Get energy production data for a reactor:

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Control Systems

Compute, analyze and plot properties of models that represent the behavior of control systems.

Analyze a transfer function model:

Analyze a state space model:

Generate frequency response plots:

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Fluid Mechanics

Look up details and formulas of fluid mechanics, including pressure, buoyancy and fluid flow.

Visualize a vortex field:

Compute fluid flow around an object:

Determine change in fluid speed from pressure change:

Calculate barometric pressure:

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Measurement Devices

Look up information about measuring devices, including things like name, precision and range.

Discover how to measure different physical properties:

Get information about a measurement instrument:

Uncover subtypes of general devices:

Discover what different devices measure:

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  • Aeronautics
  • Materials
  • Physics
  • Psychrometrics
  • Refrigeration
  • Structures

  • Wolfram Control Systems
  • Wolfram FEM
  • Mechanical Engineering

    Look up information regarding mechanical engineering formulas and constants for topics including refrigeration and materials science.

    Compute the maximum force of a spring:

    Do a cooling load computation:

    Find the stress on a cylinder:

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    Sound & Acoustics

    Explore the science and applications of sound and acoustics. See how waves interact with liquids, solids and gases.

    Compute a Doppler shift:

    Compute perceived loudness:

    Generate sound with a specified waveform:

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