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Today's World

Let Wolfram|Alpha be your guide to useful information about and historical context for major events, trends and people in the news. Dig deep into timely, easy‐to‐understand statistics about the US and world economy, from inflation to unemployment. Keep tabs on presidents and prime ministers with detailed biographical data about current and historical world leaders for all countries. Check the weather forecast for today or study typical temperature and precipitation trends for next summer's vacation spot.

World Economy

Look up data and generate custom charts to better understand key global economic indicators in today's news.

Get economic information about the world:

Get economic data for a country:

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World Leaders

Look up the current or past leaders for any country or compare biographical data about different leaders.

Learn more about a current world leader:

Ask about a leader during a specific historical event:

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US Economy

Explore detailed economic statistics, from tax rates to unemployment trends, for the US as well as individual states and cities.

Get economic data for the US:

Get economic data for a US state:

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Get properties of recent or historical earthquakes anywhere in the world.

Get earthquake data for a specified location or time:

Explore information on earthquake magnitude and intensity scales:

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  • Weather

    Get the latest weather forecast or find out how much sunblock you'll need at the beach.

    See what the current local weather report is:

    Get the current weather for a specified location or compare several locations at once:

    Get a local weather forecast or an extended forecast:

    Compute how long it's safe to be in the sun:

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