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Arts & Media

From ancient myths to modern box office blockbusters and chart-topping songs, Wolfram|Alpha has computable data on works of art from every genre and style. Explore albums by your favorite musical artists, find facts about comic superheroes, compare dimensions and materials used in famous sculptures and paintings or look up movies by decade, director, cast and more.


Explore films, filmmakers and actors from around the world.

Get information about a movie:

Compare movies:

Connect movies with people:

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Video Games

Level up your video game knowledge.

Get information about a video game:

Ask about a property of a game:

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Examine the properties of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.

Compare periodicals:

Do calculations with periodical properties:

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Fictional Characters

Find out more about the creators of and works featuring your favorite fictional characters.

Get information about a fictional character:

Find fictional relatives:

Get information on a Pokémon:

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Find and analyze data about well‐known songs, albums and musical acts from popular genres.

Get information about a music act:

Compute the frequency and other properties of a musical note:

Get information about a song:

Request specific information about a song:

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Look up and compare famous television programs, networks and performers.

Get information about a TV show:

Compare TV shows:

Get information about a television network:

Compare networks:

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Famous Artwork

Compare and analyze data about famous artworks and artists.

Get information about a piece of artwork:

Compare artwork:

Connect a work of art with other subjects:

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Look up information on your favorite comic book, graphic novel, manga or illustrated series.

Find information about a comic:

Compare comics:

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Popular Curves

Generate mathematical curves based on famous individuals and fictional characters.

Learn about the math behind drawing a popular curve:

Carry out graphics operations on popular curves:

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  • Art & Design
  • History
  • People
  • Photography
  • Society & Culture
  • Notable Texts

    Analyze the structure and other features of famous novels, plays and other texts.

    Get information about a notable text:

    Read the opening phrase of a novel:

    Get information on characters in a play:

    Find texts by a given author:

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    Radio Programs

    Investigate radio programs of the past and present.

    Get information about a radio program:

    Find radio programs with specified characteristics:

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    Learn more about gods, mythical heroes and legendary creatures.

    Compare mythological figures:

    Ask about a characteristic of a mythological figure:

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