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Powerful computation of the future value of money

Wolfram|Alpha can quickly and easily compute the future value of money in savings accounts or other investment instruments that accumulate interest over time. Plots are automatically generated to help you visualize the effects that different interest rates, interest periods or starting amounts could have on your future returns.

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Tips for entering queries

Enter your queries using plain English. Your input can include complete details about loan amounts, down payments and other variables, or you can add, remove and modify values and parameters using a simple form interface.

Future value basics

The future value formula is used to determine the value of a given asset or amount of cash in the future, allowing for different interest rates and periods.

For example, this formula may be used to calculate how much money will be in a savings account at a given point in time given a specified interest rate. The effects of compound interest—with compounding periods ranging from daily to annually—may also be included in the formula. Plots are automatically generated to show at a glance how the future value of money could be affected by changes in interest rate, interest period or desired future value.