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CRYC Tide Table

Added Dec 27, 2014 by DanielleDarling in Weather

CRYC Tide Table Denton, MD Default

Chemical IUPAC Nomenclature Widget :)

Added Feb 2, 2014 in Chemistry

If for some reason you feel compelled to look up the molecular formula/molecule to any sort of chemical, just type in this box and ta-da! Magic.

Limit Calculator

Added Apr 25, 2012 by haymarketviii in Mathematics

Simple limit calc with infinity spelled correctly. With a new color.

Distance travelled in x direction

Added May 18, 2011 by esperance in Physics

can tell you the distance traveled in the x direction

Sunburn calculator

Added Mar 28, 2011 by elled in Weather

Use this widget to determine how long it will take you to burn in a given setting. Enter your skin type, location, SPF, and how long you're spending in the sun to stay safe in the summer!

Weather for a given zip code

Added Jul 20, 2010 by elled in Weather

Check the weather for a specific zip code.

BAC Calculator

Added Jul 20, 2010 by elled in Health & Medicine

Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content by inputting several variables and see if you're above the legal limit.

Crime rates in US cities

Added Jul 22, 2010 by elled in Socioeconomic Data

Compute and compare crime rates across three different U.S. cities.

Threaded Fasteners

Added Jul 26, 2010 by elled in Units & Measures

See detailed information about a bolt or a screw.

Musical Interval Calculator

Added Jul 29, 2010 by dialector in Music

This widget will tell you what interval you spelled. Note names must be capitalized. Reverse the input (put the root in note above, etc) to check the spelling of intervals below a note.

The Real Java Widget (Caffeine Calculator)

Added Oct 19, 2010 by elled in Food & Nutrition

Calculate how much caffeine you've had today by entering the amount of espresso, brewed coffee, and soda you have consumed.

Veggie Widget

Added Nov 19, 2010 by elled in Food & Nutrition

Get nutrition info for any common vegetable. Select a vegetable from the drop-down menu and click submit to see facts about your favorite vegetables.

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