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Sports & Games

Cricet Score

Added Feb 7, 2018 by cricrun in Sports & Games

Get the live scores and commentray

Monopoly Calculator

Added Jan 9, 2018 by wlkrd1 in Sports & Games

Monopoly Calculator

Weight percentage

Added Nov 14, 2017 by overk2610 in Sports & Games

Use this calculator to find out how much weight to lift.

CC interest calculator

Added Nov 13, 2017 by Tokew in Sports & Games

Used to calculate loan given 10% interest with one month free lead time.

Archery FOC calculator

Added Sep 29, 2017 by luca1 in Sports & Games

Calculate the Front (weight forward of center) of an arrow

Front Squat / Back Squat Ratio

Added Sep 22, 2017 by jmkinnick in Sports & Games

Find the Ratio between Front Squat or Overhead Squat and Back Squat.

Dice Roller

Added Jul 21, 2017 by ian.m42 in Sports & Games

dice rollin


Added Jun 9, 2017 by DonLost in Sports & Games


Mobile Strike Troop Queue Multiplier

Added Jun 4, 2017 by Hyster3sis in Sports & Games

Enter exact number of troops, then hours, minutes and seconds it takes to train that number of troops. Multiply output by number of speedup days you wish to use. Round after the decimal at a 9 or 0.

NASCAR Plate Race Starting Spot Pick

Added May 2, 2017 by race4theprize in Sports & Games

fantasy nascar restrictor plate starting position picks. Talladega and Daytona.

Coin Flipper & Dice Roller

Added May 2, 2017 by alexy73 in Sports & Games

chose coin or dice roll

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