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Units & Measures

Convert Pressure

Added Jan 16, 2020 by Clad in Units & Measures

Converts between Bar and PSI

mm to inch

Added Jan 15, 2020 by jp12687 in Units & Measures

Convert Sizes

Christmas Tree String Light Calculator

Added Dec 10, 2019 by laelaps in Units & Measures

The width is defined is the diameter of the light string cone at its base.

Excellent Score Creator

Added Nov 14, 2019 by Googolplexbyte in Units & Measures

Takes number or percentage of Excellent vs Great vs Good vs Mediocre vs Bad ratings and returns a score out of ten. Excellent = 9.85 Great = 8.45 Good = 6.95 Mediocre = 4.85 Bad = 2.67

Sobriety Calculator

Added Oct 30, 2019 by Blem626 in Units & Measures

Calculator to track the number of days since your last drug or drink

Gravel Volume Calculator

Added Jun 30, 2019 by WayneWest in Units & Measures

Gravel Area Calculator

Looker time converter:

Added May 6, 2019 in Units & Measures

This is a test, a copy of another one not made by me.

Cubic Yard Calculator

Added Apr 6, 2019 by GetCarterCA in Units & Measures

Cubic Area Calculator

Mulch Calculator YARD

Added Apr 5, 2019 in Units & Measures

Mulch Calculator

Unit Converter

Added Mar 7, 2019 in Units & Measures

Convert units of weights to your required usage


Added Mar 3, 2019 by Zesp in Units & Measures


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