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Units & Measures

Material Calculator

Added Mar 7, 2018 by dlolson in Units & Measures

Landscape Material Calculator

Bolumen unitateak eraldatu

Added Feb 3, 2018 by L. Arriola in Units & Measures

Bolumen unitateak eraldatzeko tresna

Równania Różniczkowe

Added Jan 24, 2018 by Skryzzzz in Units & Measures


Federal Court Witness Fee Calculator

Added Jan 8, 2018 by IslandProcess in Units & Measures

Calculates witness fees for federal court subpoenas. Input days of attendance and miles of travel one-way. In accordance with 28 USC 1821 and IRS mileage rates for 2018.

mm to inch

Added Dec 11, 2017 by GW Nugget in Units & Measures

mm to inch

Newborn weight conversion

Added Nov 10, 2017 by corwin in Units & Measures

Convert a baby weight to various different units such as Jupiter masses. Republishing as previous widget caused 404.

Baby weight converter

Added Nov 9, 2017 in Units & Measures

Widget to help family members who do not think in terms of g/kg for baby weights, to convert a baby weight to Jupiter masses, among other less common units such as pounds.

KB to GB Conversion

Added Oct 30, 2017 by sharktopus in Units & Measures

Converts kilobytes to gigabytes. Useful for users checking mailbox size

Convert KB to GB

Added Oct 30, 2017 by sharktopus in Units & Measures

Convert KB to GB

Memory Converter KB to GB

Added Oct 30, 2017 by sharktopus in Units & Measures

Memory Converter KB to GB

Inch to Metric

Added Aug 7, 2017 by G1NG3R in Units & Measures


How Far From?

Added May 4, 2017 by AaronWhy in Units & Measures

how far from ______ to ________

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