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Weather of Tokyo Now

Added Oct 2, 2022 in Weather

Weather of Tokyo now

UV index checker

Added Aug 6, 2022 in Weather

UV checker for melbourne


Added Dec 29, 2020 by rahul736 in Weather


Tide Chart - Matagorda

Added Dec 25, 2020 by MatagordaTexas in Weather


Temperature Calculator

Added Dec 10, 2020 by MartinDemo in Weather

Calculates temperature between fahrenheit, celsius, and kelvin

F to K calculator

Added Dec 10, 2020 by Alicechicken in Weather

change fahrenheit to kelvin

Meteorologist NOW

Added Dec 1, 2020 by MDWalters in Weather

Look out everyone! Now YOU can be an Meteorologist with the new widget. Can be used in WolframAlpha or Enabled websites


Added Nov 6, 2020 by ArRr in Weather


temperature and humidiy in a given place

Added Oct 29, 2020 by MO in Weather

taking as input the name of a place it gives as output temperature and humidity

Historical Weather Widget with Location

Added Sep 15, 2020 in Weather

Historical Weather Widget with Location


Added Aug 16, 2020 in Weather

Questo widget fornisce all'utente le informazioni inerenti al meteo di una località a scelta


Added Aug 22, 2020 by bcburnett in Weather

local weather

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