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Dates & Times

Time Widget

Added May 21, 2019 in Dates & Times

a time widget i put together as an example for my website :)

Day Calculator

Added Mar 21, 2019 in Dates & Times

add days to date

World Time

Added Jul 3, 2013 by ergo1 in Dates & Times

find the current time

Seconds until birthday

Added Feb 21, 2019 by Saltation in Dates & Times

My birthday


Added Feb 16, 2019 by Schocker in Dates & Times


Rental Days Calculator

Added Feb 13, 2019 by dandagreer in Dates & Times

Rental Dates Calculator


Added Feb 9, 2019 by Txopo in Dates & Times

Bi orduen arteko aldea kalkulatzeko tresna

Opt Out Window Calculator

Added Feb 4, 2019 in Dates & Times

Calculate the date 60 days ago.

What happened on...

Added Dec 19, 2018 in Dates & Times

Tells you about a day

Infusion Duration Calculator

Added Nov 2, 2018 by aholmes053116 in Dates & Times

Calculates the length of duration from the start of an infusion to the end of an infusion in an hours, minutes format.

Timeline Finder by Rahil Mehta

Added Oct 26, 2018 by RahilMehta2612 in Dates & Times

If you want to find out the timeline or lifespan of something just enter where it says Significant Date and you will get your answer. e.g. George Washington or World War 2. Hope it Helps u


Added Sep 25, 2018 in Dates & Times

Saber el clima de cualquier ciudad en la fecha que tu quieras

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