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Calculate 'd' RSA

Added Dec 20, 2022 by Bossmanrank in Astronomy


Find an Object in the Sky

Added Apr 28, 2022 by hakim43 in Astronomy

Positionsbestimmung von Sternen

Find an Object in the Sky

Added Feb 25, 2022 by Goachim in Astronomy


Sortides i postes del Sol i la Lluna

Added Jan 3, 2021 by antarc in Astronomy

Eina per saber quan es pondran i sortiran el Sol i la Lluna en una lloc i data determinats.

Planetes visibles

Added Jan 2, 2021 by antarc in Astronomy

Giny per saber els planetes visibles de d'un lloc, una data i hores concretes (a determinar)

Moon Cycles

Added Dec 25, 2020 by AinSoph2197 in Astronomy

Select default queries about the next, or even last, full, half, quarter, new moon.

Auf- und Untergangszeiten

Added Dec 22, 2020 by Rueff in Astronomy

Die Aufgangszeit und Untergangszeit von Sternen werden in Abhängigkeit vom Ort (Angabe durch die Koordinaten) berechnet


Added Nov 27, 2020 by WV_Hillbilly in Astronomy


Distance to Venus

Added Oct 17, 2020 by kikoda90 in Astronomy



Added Jun 17, 2020 by mata in Astronomy



Added May 28, 2020 by ashytech10 in Astronomy


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