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Effective Noise Temperature

Added May 9, 2019 in Physics

Widget for calculating the effective noise temperature at a given frequency.


Added May 6, 2019 by Pochatkov in Physics

graph our rheory

adding proper velocities

Added Apr 21, 2019 by propervelocity in Physics

Adds proper velocity (map distance per unit traveler time) of "a" with respect to "b" to that of "b" with respect to "c" to get the proper velocity wac of "a" with respect to "c" in (1+1)D.

Displacement Calculator

Added Mar 18, 2019 in Physics

Calculates displacement based on Vi, Vf, and Δt.

Acceleration Calculator

Added Mar 18, 2019 by hiaiden2 in Physics

Calculates the acceleration based on Vi, Vf, and Δt.

Nuclear Fusion Calculator

Added Mar 12, 2019 by Woda in Physics

Enter a description of your widget (e.g. what it does, what input to enter, what output it gives, and how it is useful).

My Text

Added Feb 9, 2019 by THEGUYBRO in Physics

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VOLT-AMP characteristic

Added Dec 7, 2018 by batu in Physics


Will It Scrape

Added Nov 16, 2018 in Physics

Tells you what speed you would have to drive off a cliff in your car to avoid scraping your underside

Ton wiedergeben

Added Nov 10, 2018 by Rueff in Physics

Nach Angabe der Tonfrequenz wird die zugehörigen Sinusfunktion angezeigt und der Ton kann wiedergegeben werden.

Nuclear Reactors

Added Oct 22, 2018 by Dodsy21 in Physics

Where are Nuclear reactors in the world?

Cuatro cargas (2D)

Added Sep 14, 2018 by AgustinSaldivar in Physics

Visualiza el potencial de cuatro cargas

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