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Graficador de funciones

Added Apr 6, 2017 by javiermotaperez in Mathematics

enjoy it


Added Mar 2, 2017 by JoyceTan in Weather

Check the weather

Valence Shell Calculator

Added Feb 11, 2017 by YKCoast in Chemistry

Type in the Element Name OR Symbol (Calcium) OR (Ca), it will come out the same. Also if you don't get the answer right off the bat press SUBMIT again and it should come up. ENJOY :)

Rational expressions

Added Dec 6, 2016 by rbndjx in Mathematics


Simultaneous Equations Solver

Added Nov 6, 2016 by WilliamAnguiano in Mathematics

Very helpful for simultaneous equations Hope you enjoy

Factoring Calculator

Added Jan 20, 2016 by Joshr77 in Mathematics

Not my widget, i take no credit. Enjoy!

Distance Finder

Added Sep 3, 2015 in Transportation

This simple app pulls up data on the distance from two locations that are known in the wolfram database (odds are they'll have what you're looking for!) Enjoy :)

Eclipse History Calculator

Added Mar 12, 2015 by babyshoshy in Astronomy

This Widget will give you the last solar or lunar eclipse that occurred based on today's date. Enjoy!

Convert Length Units

Added May 20, 2014 by Plat in Mathematics

There may be many other length converters, but it was the only thing I could think of. Hope you enjoy!

3D Chemical Compound Viewer

Added May 3, 2014 by melinda nugraha in Chemistry

I love chemistry, so I had to add this chemical compound widget to my blog. Enjoy!!

Electric Field by two charges,StreamPlot Demo

Added May 1, 2014 in Physics

Change the charges of two electric charges and enjoy the Electric field. Location of q1 is (0,0). Location of q2 is (-1,0). ***If it does not work, click = on right bottom of window and open WA.***

Donate to my Classroom Project

Added May 25, 2013 by MelissaBroyles in Education

Help me get a classroom set of books I know my 6th graders will enjoy and learn from. Thank you in advance for your donation.

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