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FPS Estimation based on OLS Regression

Added Jun 12, 2020 by MatthiasM in Engineering

FPS Estimation based on OLS Regression

Extremstellen berechnen

Added Dec 26, 2016 by Rueff in Mathematics

Untersuchung einer vorgegebenen Funktion f(x) auf Extremstellen (Hochpunkte, Tiefpunkte).

Chemical Toxicity Checker

Added Nov 24, 2016 by Ritabrata in Chemistry

This widget enables users to quickly check the toxicity values of chemicals, and also displays their NFPA levels and identifiers.

FPRA Music Award Timezone Calculator

Added May 13, 2016 by aisea in Dates & Times

Timezone converter for FPRA music award

The nth Prime

Added Mar 2, 2015 by ProfPositron in Mathematics

This widget finds the nth prime number.

Solve Quadratic Equations

Added Jun 20, 2014 by jeffpoulin in Mathematics

Solve quadratic equations

How far away are they?

Added Dec 5, 2013 by SURFPAC in Transportation

Calculate distance and travel times

Pressure at Depth under Water

Added Jul 27, 2012 by ProfPeterWong in Engineering

Determine the relative pressure under water at a specific depth.

Sun Path Finder

Added Jul 27, 2012 by ProfPeterWong in Earth Sciences

Find the sun path in different locations at different dates.

Current Wind Speed SVFPD

Added Jul 24, 2012 by webmaster in Weather

Wind Speed Sni Valley Fire

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