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Photography includes many different technical concepts as well as artistic ones. The camera optics used in photography are chosen on a per-project basis. Projects may be wedding photography, nature photography, portrait photography, landscape photography and many others. Either color photography or black-and-white photography may be appropriate based on artistic choice. Factors to consider include the field of view and magnification needed as well as how much light is available. The resulting images that are formed are traditionally recorded either on film or on a digital sensor and then transferred to photo paper or a computer for display. Digital photography tends to be more popular in more recent times with the widespread use of digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR).

Photographic Optics

The optics used in a camera vary depending on the needs of the photographer. Variables such as field of view, f-stop, depth of field, focal length, available light, aperture and exposure time can all factor into the decision.

Do f-stop arithmetic:

Compute subject magnification:

Compute depth of field for a photographic lens:

Compute hyperfocal distance:

Compute field or angle of view:

Compute other parameters:

Compute your exposure value:

Photo Sizes

When transferring photographic images to paper, a number of standard paper dimensions are used. The size of paper may also depend on the resolution of the image.

Compute characteristics of a photo size:

Specify pixel density:

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