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Geodesy & Navigation

The field of geodesy studies the measurements and representation of the Earth. Wolfram|Alpha provides tools for examining this representation as well as examining other aspects of the world, such as its geogravitational and geomagnetic fields. Obtain coordinates, calculate distances and explore the distance to the horizon.

Latitude & Longitude

Find the coordinates of locations around the world or find what exists at a particular set of coordinates.

Locate a point on Earth using latitude-longitude coordinates:

Find the coordinates of a city:


Visualize the meaning of compass bearings.

Get information about a compass heading:


Compute Earth's geomagnetic field anywhere on the globe and at any time in recent history.

Compute the current local geomagnetic field strength:

Compute the geomagnetic field strength for a given date and location:

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Calculate distances between points on the Earth. Determine the limits of the horizon.

Compute the great-circle distance between points on the globe:

Compute the distance between cities:

Compute distances between multiple cities:

Compute the distance to the horizon:

Compute the horizon distance for radio waves:

Geodetic Data

Get information about the properties of a wide range of geodetic reference ellipsoids.

Get information about a geodetic reference ellipsoid:

Compare multiple ellipsoids:

Get information about a geodetic datum:

Compare multiple geodetic datums:

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  • Geogravity

    Calculate the gravitational field for any point on Earth's surface.

    Compute the current local gravitational field strength:

    Compute the gravitational field strength at specified coordinates:

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