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Maps & Projections

Wolfram|Alpha provides extensive mapping tools from relief maps to visualizations of the properties of different countries to a wide variety of different projections. Generate maps of local streets or examine how different projection mapping techniques distort the shape and size of continents.


Generate maps for countries, regions and whole continents and incorporate color-coding for the properties of the countries within.

Generate maps of a specified country:

Generate maps of multiple countries:

Generate a world map colored according to a given statistic:

Elevation Maps

Explore elevation maps for locations around the world.

Generate an elevation map of a mountain:

Compare elevation maps of multiple mountains:

Local Maps

Examine street maps for cities, towns and locations across the globe.

Get local maps of a city, landmark or street:


Examine regions under different map projections, such as the equirectangular, orthographic or Cassini projections.

Draw a map using a specified projection: