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Food & Nutrition
From global food consumption to personal nutrition, Wolfram|Alpha can help you to better understand the business, science and personal impact of food. Generate custom nutrition labels and detailed analyses of nutrients in thousands of common and brand-name foods, explore and compare food production of and typical retail prices for common foodstuffs or get help with finding and cooking the right size Thanksgiving turkey for your family.


Find nutritional information about specific foods.

Analyze nutritional information for a food:

Find the amount of a particular nutrient in a food:

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Brand-Name Foods

Explore a brand-name food's nutritional value.

Specify a food by brand name:

Find the amount of a particular nutrient in a brand-name food:

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Food Combinations

Combine foods to see their nutritional information.

Analyze nutritional information for combinations of food:

Generate nutrition labels for recipes:

Do computations with nutrient levels:

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Food Comparisons

Compare multiple foods to learn more about their nutrients.

Compare multiple foods:

Compare the amount of a particular nutrient in multiple foods:

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