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Weather & Meteorology

Weather affects everyday lives and worldwide social structures. The field of meteorology attempts to forecast these phenomena through the study of the evolution and composition of the atmosphere. Wolfram|Alpha provides access to an extensive and continually updated database of weather information and forecasts as well as numerous tools for analyzing and calculating atmospheric conditions.


Obtain current, historical and forecast weather conditions. Compute the effects and severity of exposure to inclement weather.

Get a current local weather report:

Get specific weather data:

Compare weather in several locations:

Get local weather history:

Get an extended forecast:

Get the heat index for a location:

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Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Calculate the saturation vapor pressure, sound absorption and speed, dew point and other properties of air.

Calculate properties of dry air:

Compute properties of moist air:

Compute the saturation vapor pressure:

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US Tornadoes

Examine locations, Fujita scale ranking and the extent of damages in life and property loss for tornadoes in the United States.

Get information about US tornadoes in a specified location:

Get information about US tornadoes meeting specified criteria:

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Find information about, studies of and trends for the Earth's climate.

Analyze global climate data:

Analyze greenhouse gas data:

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Degree Days

Calculate cooling or heating degree days based on location, temperature parameters and time period.

Calculate the degree days in a given location:

Specify the heating or cooling degree days:

Calculate the heating and cooling degree days for a given period:

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Get information on cloud cover, cloud types and the altitude of the base of clouds.

Get information about a type of cloud:

Compute cloud base height:

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  • Frostbite
  • Sunburn & UV Index

  • Demonstrations: Lorenz–Emanuel System
  • Wolfram Language: WeatherData
  • Wolfram Language: WeatherForecastData
  • Tropical Storms

    Get current and historical data for hurricanes, typhoons and other tropical storms.

    Get information about a tropical storm:

    Specify the year of a tropical storm:

    Compare tropical storms:

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