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Electric Circuits

Electric circuits consist of closed loops of electric current. These devices underpin all modern electronics. Use Wolfram|Alpha to compute properties of different circuit elements and their combinations, including diodes, filters and other circuits. Get information on resistors, inductors and capacitors. Examine the relationship between resistance and current with Ohm's law.


Calculate the behaviors of circuits and circuit elements, such as the effects of alternating current, voltage levels under parallel and series configurations and the power used by a circuit component.

Compute resonance frequency of an LC circuit:

Analyze an RLC circuit:

Analyze a parallel RL circuit:

Analyze a parallel RC circuit:

Examine op amp circuit configurations:

Compute characteristics of an AC signal:

Calculate the power used across an electrical component:

Do computations with Joule's law:


Compute the resistance of resistors in parallel and series. Translate resistor color codes to and from resistance values.

Compute resistance for resistors in parallel:

Calculate the color code for a resistor:

Compute resistance from resistor color code:

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Calculate properties of a diode based on current or voltage.

Compute properties of a diode:

Ohm's Law

Compute electric current, voltage and resistance using Ohm's law.

Use input fields to specify data for an Ohm's law computation:

Compute with Ohm's law:


Compute the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor, capacitors in parallel and series and a variety of other physical systems.

Compute capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor:

Compute capacitance for capacitors in series:

Compute capacitive reactance:

Determine the capacitance of physical systems:

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Calculate properties of signal processing filters, such as transfer function, pole locations and Bode plots.

Compute characteristics of a Butterworth filter:

Compute characteristics of a Chebyshev filter:

Compute characteristics of a Bessel filter:


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  • Inductors

    Compute inductance of various physical systems. Compute the energy storage and inductive reactance of inductors.

    Compute inductive reactance:

    Find the energy stored in an inductor:

    Determine the inductance of physical systems:

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