Example Solutions for

Step-by-Step Calculus


Find the derivative using the product rule, chain rule and other methods:

Find partial derivatives of multivariate expressions:

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Indefinite Integrals

Calculate an integral by substitution, integration by parts and other methods:

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Definite Integrals

See the steps for integration over an interval:

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Learn how to take a limit:

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Find local and global extrema using a variety of tests:

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Tangent Lines & Planes

Find a tangent line to a curve using the derivative at a point:

Calculate a multivariate tangent plane by examining partial derivatives:

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Get hints for discontinuities:

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Inflection Points

Calculate inflection points step by step:

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Area between Curves

Learn how to compute the area between curves:

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Arc Length

Calculate the arc length of a curve step by step:

Specify the curve in polar coordinates:

Specify the curve parametrically:

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