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Step-by-Step Derivatives

Wolfram|Alpha can walk you through the steps of finding most derivatives you will encounter in your basic university calculus courses. Whether you want to find a derivative using the limit definition or using some of the many techniques of differentiation, such as the power, quotient or chain rules, Wolfram|Alpha has you covered. Even performing implicit differentiation, finding partial derivatives and finding the value of a derivative at a point are broken down and explained in short, clear steps.


Analyze derivatives step by step.

Explore the steps for derivative calculations using the power rule:

Find the derivative using the product rule:

Compute derivatives using the quotient rule:

See step by step how to apply the chain rule:

Use the limit definition to compute derivatives:

Find partial derivatives of multivariate expressions:

See how to evaluate derivatives at a given point:

Perform logarithmic differentiation to compute a derivative:


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