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Stock Data

Wolfram|Alpha draws on both historical data and near real-time quotes to present a rich analysis of securities trading on stock markets in the US and around the world as well as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and indices. Generate custom reports comparing the performance, financials and fundamentals of multiple stocks, or analyze potential investments with computable company data derived from SEC filings.


Ask for intraday price quotes, specific properties or a summary of a stock's performance and prospects.

Find and analyze current data about a stock:

Specify a stock using its ticker symbol:

Specify the exchange:

Compare several stocks:

Get historical prices and other properties:

Request a specific property of a stock:

Do computations with company and stock data:

Analyze a portfolio:

Request a trading chart:

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Track the movement of key market indicators or list the components of selected indices.

Obtain current quotes for a stock market index:

List members of selected indexes:

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Mutual Funds

Get the most recent net asset value and other data for mutual funds.

Find and analyze current data about a mutual fund:

Specify a fund using its ticker symbol:

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