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Word Puzzles

Whether you're a crossword buff, an all-star Scrabble® player or just a fan of all-around wordplay, Wolfram|Alpha has something fun and useful to fuel your hobby. Compute anagrams from any given word, find words containing a given pattern or collection of letters, compute possible solutions to tricky crossword puzzles and explore rhymes, acronyms and much more.


Compute anagrams and letter banks from any word or phrase.

Find anagrams of a word or phrase:

Find letter-bank words:

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Solve tricky crossword puzzles with easy-to-use pattern matching and commonly used clues.

Find words matching a pattern:

Find words meeting certain specifications:

Find crossword puzzle clues for a given word:

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Generate possible words and calculate word scores from any set of random letters.

Calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets:

Find words matching Scrabble® tiles on a rack:

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Rhyming Words

Find rhymes for words in English.

Find rhyming words:

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Letter Combinations

Determine words containing a set of letters.

Find words found within a specified set of letters:

Find words containing a set of letters, in order, only those letters or at least those letters:

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Compute possible solutions to any simple cryptogram.

Find possible decodings of a cryptogram:

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Explore possible meanings of common acronyms.

Learn what an acronym stands for:

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