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Gas Laws

Wolfram|Alpha includes formulas and computations covering gas laws from the combined gas law to the ideal gas law including the intermediary steps of Gay–Lussac's, Boyle's, Avogadro's and Charles's laws. Calculate the characteristics of ideal and real gases including properties predicted by kinetic molecular theory.

Ideal Gases

Compute the properties of ideal gases: their temperature, pressure and heat capacities.

Do an ideal gas law computation:

Determine characteristics of an ideal gas:

Determine the speed of sound for an ideal gas:

Calculate the heat capacity of an ideal gas:

Compute with the Sackur–Tetrode equation:

Compute heat capacity ratio:

Find the internal energy of ideal gases:

Find the Maxwell speed distribution of a gas:

Kinetic Theory of Gases

Employ kinetic molecular theory to compute gas properties.

Find the root-mean-square speed of gas particles:

Determine the molar mass by comparing gases:

Compute the average distance between molecular collisions:

Real Gases

Calculate the more complicated interactions of real gases.

Find characteristics of a van der Waals gas:

Find the properties of a Redlich–Kwong gas: