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Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions, the transformation from one molecular structure to another, are ubiquitous in the world around us. Everything from internal combustion engines and complex manufacturing plants to geological processes and life itself depend on chemical reactions. Use Wolfram|Alpha to balance chemical equations, determine reaction stoichiometry and predict products.

Equation Balancing

Use Wolfram|Alpha to find the right coefficients to balance a chemical reaction.

Balance a chemical equation:

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Reaction Stoichiometry

When you specify the amount for one or more reactants or products, Wolfram|Alpha can compute reaction properties such as theoretical yield, percent yield and limiting reactant.

Calculate reaction stoichiometry:

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Reaction Lookup

Search Wolfram|Alpha's reaction database.

Find chemical reactions using reactants or products:

Look up sample reactions by type:

Search through classes of chemical reactions using reactants:

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