CDF Interactivity

Computable Document Format (CDF) interactivity gives you dynamic versions of Wolfram|Alpha output with interactive controls, 3D rotation, animation, and much more. Explore the examples below to learn what Wolfram|Alpha can do.

Firefox/Safari: use web interactivity. Chrome: download page for desktop interactivity.

  • Interactively manipulate parameters

    Move controls and sliders to fully interact with and understand your results.

  • Animate dynamic processes

    Input physical system parameters and see    the associated animation evolve in time.
  • Rotate 3D graphics

    Click and drag 3D images to rotate and view from any angle.
  • Control enhanced visualizations

    Click to reveal special controls for many types of visualizations.
  • Instantly build interactive interfaces

    Use Wolfram|Alpha linguistics to create custom interactive interfaces.
  • Resize images

    Click maps, plots, or any image, and drag the corner to expand the image size.
  • Read plot values

    Interact with plots with dynamic coordinate labels and crosshairs on the axes.