Math Input in Wolfram|AlphaChecking your math homework just got easier. Free for everyone, this feature allows users to use textbook notation to enter a Math Input and see it displayed in 2D. We've provided popular templates for you to use, as better visualization and quick editing mean faster results. Try Now
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Math Input Features

Use templates provided to you for easy input

Save time entering your problem by using templates for the most common math notations. We have templates covering basic math, calculus and sums, vectors and matrices, trigonometry, and more.

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You can also save time in Math Input mode by relying on autotransformations. Simply type "/" to see a fraction or "^" to get a power.

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Wolfram Language

Wolfram Language users will appreciate that you can also enter your inputs using Wolfram Language. If there is a corresponding template, the input will be transformed to a 2D input for you. Try typing “Integrate[Sin[xy],x,y]” to see it.

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How to Use Math Input

1Select Math Input

There is now a Math Input tab underneath the input field that allows users to enter the new Math Input mode.

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2Enter your input

Once in Math Input mode, select a template and fill it out. We've kept symbols available to you for items like π and ∞. You can use either the keyboard arrows or the Tab key to navigate through the templates to enter your input. On touch devices, we've provided arrows to help with navigation.

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3Use bracket matching and template highlights to properly fill out your template

We've added features like visually showing mismatched brackets and highlighting the template input areas as you're typing to make it easier to see your input.

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4Get results including step-by-step solutions

Once you've entered your input, get your answers as usual. Pro users can also see step-by-step solutions to problems entered with Math Input.

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