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Dates & Times

With comprehensive information about calendar systems, time zones, historical periods, notable recurring events and more, Wolfram|Alpha is a powerful assistant for questions about dates and times at school, business or home. Get detailed scientific information about ancient geological eras; count down to holidays or other significant events; convert between time zones, calendars and time formats; compute differences between dates or times; or explore useful and fun information about dates, from historical events to corresponding birthstones.

Islamic Prayer Times

Compute prayer times and Qibla direction for any date and location.

Find information about Islamic prayer times:

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Recurring Events

Find information about a single recurring event or compare multiple events.

Get information about a recurring event:

Compare information for past events:

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Birth & Death Dates

Find out when and where notable people were born or find out who passed away on any specific date.

Find people born on a specified date:

Find the birth or death date of a person:

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Unix Time

Get the Unix encoding for any time or date.

Get the Unix encoding for the current time:

Get the Unix encoding for an arbitrary date and time:

Translate a Unix time encoding:

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Learn what birthstones correspond to each month or to specific dates.

Find birthstones for a specified month:

Specify a date:

Find the Ayurvedic birthstones for a month:

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Birth Flowers

Learn about flowers and flower families traditionally associated with each month.

Find birth flowers for a specified month:

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Wedding Anniversaries

Search for the specific names or gifts associated with any particular wedding anniversary.

Find names for a specified wedding anniversary:

Find gifts associated with all wedding anniversaries:

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