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From inches to kilometers, pints to liters, pounds per square inch to newtons and beyond, Wolfram|Alpha is the world's most extensive and accurate unit converter. Convert between thousands of common (and obscure) units of measurement drawn from a huge variety of different unit systems, including the US customary system, the metric SI system and many historical systems used throughout the world. As an added bonus, view comparisons to everyday unit scales, observe corresponding values when converted to related physical quantities, find physical quantities to which given units belong and get a feel for unit scales using graphical order of magnitude charts.


Calculate an exact unit conversion and obtain information about the physical quantities the unit measures, other related units and the unit system or systems to which the unit belongs.

Get information and conversions for a unit:


Perform calculations with combinations of units, including with a desired output unit.

Do a calculation with units:

Specify a unit for the result of a calculation:

Cooking Measures

Find cooking measurement equivalents.

Convert between ounces, cups, etc.:

Convert between milliliters and teaspoons, ounces, etc.:

Convert between mass and volume for a particular ingredient:

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Convert a quantity (i.e. a unit with a magnitude) to other units and explore comparisons with specific objects and corresponding quantities.

Get unit conversions for a quantity:

Convert to a specified unit:


Compare two or more units or, alternately, see common objects having similar unit dimensions and values.

Compare two quantities:

Get comparisons for a given quantity:

SI Units

Switch from SI units to others and uncover additional knowledge regarding those units.

Discover information about and convert from SI units:

Find standard SI units used to measure a particular physical quantity:

Return a list of SI prefixes:

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  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Industrial Measures & Standards
  • Physical Quantities
  • Units & Measures
  • Prefixes

    Show a table of metric prefixes that may precede a basic unit of measurement and indicate a multiple (or fraction) of that unit.

    Get information about prefixes:

    US Customary Units

    Explore details about US customary units and change from US units to others.

    Discover information about and convert from US customary units:

    Convert US customary quantities to other units:

    Convert quantities to or from US customary units:

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